Commitment Q&A: Bentley Spain

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Moments after committing to the UNC staff, Bentley Spain spoke about his decision ...

You've been silent the past few months. So tell me how did you get to this point?

"I just kind of went through this decision-making process on my own. I obviously wasn't talking [to media] and I took a couple of visits and really just thought things over. I came to this conclusion and I'm happy about it."

What was it about North Carolina?

"It was just everything about it – great school, great coaches, great players, and family atmosphere. That was it."

What role did the UNC assistant coaches that recruited you – OL coach Chris Kapilovic and Charlotte area recruiter Gunter Brewer - play in your decision?

"They had huge roles. They were both very active in my recruiting. I talk to them every week so I felt comfortable with them."

What about other recruits. Did any of them play a factor in your decision?

"Tons of committed guys [contacted me] and even the current players. Countless guys reached out to me, which was really good."

When did you actually make the decision?

"Sunday night at about 12 o'clock is when I really knew. I kind of knew before, but that's when I officially knew what I was going to do."

When did you begin leaning towards that direction?

"I went to Stanford last week and that was to make sure and decide. I was kind of feeling it before that, but I wanted to make sure. That's really when it happened."

Did anything occur that pushed you towards UNC?

"There wasn't one thing. It just kind of confirmed that that was what I wanted to do."

Tell me about the decision to commit the way you did – surprise Coach Kap on the practice field during the camp?

"I had heard about the camp and he was kind of hounding me about it. So I wanted to surprise him about it."

When did you decide to make the surprise visit/commitment?

"It was earlier this week."

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