UNC is No. 1 for Texas QB

Nathan Elliott spent two days at North Carolina late last week and left with a clear-cut leader.

"It was a lot of fun," Elliott said. "I really like it up there. They are my No. 1 school for sure. After being out there and meeting all the coaches, it felt like a second home. "

For now, Elliott, a 6-foot-1, 185-pound quarterback in the class of 2015 from Celina (Texas), doesn't believe any future offers could change those feelings – including an offer from TCU, where his father played.

"It wouldn't change anything with North Carolina, but the only thing that anyone could beat North Carolina on is the distance factor," Elliott said. "That's not a big deal to me anymore after being out for a while."

Elliott is scheduled to visit TCU on Thursday.

"If TCU offered that would be a big one," Elliott said. "But they would have to be really good to me when I'm there, because North Carolina treated me really well and I loved it out there.

"It would be really cool to get an offer from them because my dad played there. If I liked them more than North Carolina, which is hard for me to believe, I guess that's where I'd go. But I don't know if any coaching staff will be better than North Carolina."

Elliott, who visited Texas A&M on Sunday, will also camp at SMU on Sunday. He hasn't planned out his fall visit schedule, but would like to return to UNC for a football game.

Despite his strong feelings towards UNC, Elliott is unsure when he'd like to make a verbal commitment.

"I just want to make sure I have all my options," Elliot said. "I just want to see what's going to come. North Carolina is definitely my No. 1 school – there's no one that's really close to them right now. But I just don't want to make the decision too soon."

During his UNC visit, Elliott spent the most time with Blake Anderson, the Tar Heels' offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. Elliott spent some time with Anderson on Thursday and again on Friday following the Tar Heels' one-day camp where the two watched film together.

"He said that he was just really excited to have me and he just wants to have me on his team," Elliott said. "He wanted me to commit that day and he told me that he really hoped that I would.

"He told me that I really fit the offense. He said that I really remind him of the quarterback that they had at Southern Miss. He said I can run the ball and [Austin Davis] can run the ball in college."

On Friday, Elliott received an opportunity to be coached by Anderson during the one-day camp.

"I loved it," Elliott said. "He's a really great coach. I'll be honest with you, a lot of coaches are a bunch of … but he was really chill with everything. He'd help coach you through it and tell you how to fix it. He's not the type of coach that's going to chew your butt out the whole time and I respected that."

Shortly after arriving at UNC on Thursday, Elliott was given a full campus tour.

"I got to see everything," Elliott said. "I got to see all the academic facilities and athletic facilities."

Following some time with Anderson, Elliott hung out with a couple of UNC's players. He was mostly with Mitch Trubisky, but also spent a little time with Bryn Renner.

"After Bryn left, Mitch and I went and ate," Elliott said. "And then we went back to his room and hung out with his dorm-mates.

"We didn't really talk much football – we just hung out like normal kids. He gave me a little advice on being a college football player. He said its different from high school [because] you're always doing it so you better love it."

After his film session with Anderson, Elliott met with Larry Fedora for approximately 45 minutes.

"We really didn't talk about football," Elliott said. "We kind of talked about everything. He told me that he'd love to have me as his quarterback, because he thinks I fit the system well. We just talked about everything with the school and high school football."

Elliott became Celina's starting quarterback as a freshman. As a sophomore, he passed for 1,800 yards and 21 touchdowns, rushed for 600 yards and ten scores, and had a touchdown reception on a trick play.

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