Roseboro Impressed By UNC

Darian Roseboro included North Carolina among his summer trips. Although he didn't participate, the 2015 defensive lineman dropped by during UNC's final one-day camp of the summer.

"I was really impressed with what North Carolina has to offer," Roseboro said. "I was really impressed by the coaches there. And I liked the atmosphere down there."

Focused on his preparing for his junior football season with his team, Roseboro didn't make any visits during the spring. The 6-foot-5, 265-pounder from Lincolnton (N.C.) made up for that with many recruiting trips during the summer, including visits to Auburn, Duke, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and a couple to NC State. Visits to Auburn, South Carolina, and Tennessee yielded new scholarship offers for Roseboro.

Roseboro says that his visits haven't resulted in the assembling of a favorite schools list.

"They're all pretty much the same," Roseboro said. "I'm still interested in all of them. They're all pretty even right now.

"It makes it harder to judge, because I haven't been to some schools that have offered me. After I get down to those schools, then I'll be able to name a top five."

However, Roseboro adds that UNC made a positive move in his mind with his most recent visit.

"I'd put them up there in my top schools," Roseboro said. "I'll put them up highly, because they offered me before anybody and I really enjoyed my visit."

Roseboro anticipates announcing his top five right after the conclusion of this football season.

"I'm going to be looking at the family life, the environment," Roseboro said. "Does the school just offer players or they offer players with good character? Do they emphasize education first and then football?

"And then I'll look at the football program – did it just fail or is it rising? Is it somewhere I can fit in at?"

Roseboro's summer visit to UNC was his second. Previously, he attended the "Whiteout" game against Virginia Tech.

"On the first visit, I didn't get to see the campus life," Roseboro said. "I experienced the football atmosphere during the game. But I didn't get to really see the school, get a real good tour, and get a real good feel for the people there. That was all something I got to experience when I was down there a couple of weeks ago."

During his stay, Roseboro received a full campus tour.

"The campus was beautiful," Roseboro said. "I loved the campus. I got to see the weight room. I got to see where the dorm rooms are, and then all around the campus. I was very impressed with how nice it was and how everything was together and not just spread out."

While the camp was going on, Roseboro was able to take in the atmosphere and also observe assistant coach Keith Gilmore coaching the defensive line group.

"He goes back to the basics," Roseboro said. "He's very high on technique—that's the first thing. He focuses on technique and footwork and stance – how you switch your stance up and stagger your step. He worked on beating the run block, the cut block – things like that."

According to Roseboro, UNC is recruiting him as a strong-side defensive end.

Outside of the camp and the touring, Roseboro was able to spend time with members of the Tar Heels' coaching staff – namely Larry Fedora and Gilmore.

"They keep talking about getting me down there," Roseboro said. "They want me to keep building a relationship. They want me to come see them as much as I can. They told me I'm one of their top targets."

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