Featherston Taking His Time

GREENSBORO, N.C. --- Although many 2014 recruits have already ended their recruitments with a verbal commitment, Lorenzo Featherston's laid-back personality has him taking a slower path.

"I'm trying to narrow it down a little bit," Featherston said. "But my whole thing is I want to visit the school before I say it's not a good school for me."

In particular, Featherson, 6-foot-7, 217-pound defensive end from Greensboro (N.C.) Page, would like to visit Georgia and South Carolina. But he's also aiming to return to schools like Clemson, Florida, Florida State, North Carolina, NC State, and Tennessee.

While he doesn't have a true list of finalists, Featherston says four schools are sticking above the rest. That list consists of Clemson, Florida, UNC, and NC State.

"I feel at home when I'm there," Featherston said. "And with NC State and North Carolina, they're close and they're good schools."

Featherston denies having a leader.

Featherston doesn't anticipate making a verbal commitment until after the football season – if not closer to Signing Day. He'll likely take most – if not all – of his official visits before deciding.

"I'll definitely look at if I feel comfortable at the college," Featherston said. "I want to know if I can get along with my future teammates. [I'll also look at] the football facilities."

Over the summer, Featherston camped at Florida State, UNC, and Ohio State. UNC's camp, Fedora's Freak Show, left the greatest impact on him.

"It wasn't just anybody there – it was like their top 40-45 [recruits]," Featherston said. "It was more organized. It was more like a combine. It was fun. We got to play dodge ball, too."

The fact that the camp activities ended with a mini dodge ball tournament left the biggest impression on Featherston.

"I didn't do anything close to that anywhere else," Featherston said. "It let me know that [the UNC coaches] are creative."

Prior to dodge ball, Featherston worked out under Keith Gilmore, UNC's defensive line coach.

"I like him," Featherston said. "He teaches good technique and seems like a good coach."

Outside of the camp, Featherston's contact with UNC is through area recruiter Chris Kapilovic. Featherston says he speaks with Coach Kap every other week.

"He's just checking on me basically," Featherston said. "He's just seeing how I'm doing, seeing how everything is doing at practice, and he tells me how they're doing in practice."

Featherston also speaks every so often with former teammate and one-time UNC signee James Summers.

"He said it's going to be tough, but keep your head straight and keep your grades up," Featherston said. "He said Carolina is a good school."

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