Veal Alters Favorites List

CHARLOTTE --- Mason Veal, a 2015 prospect, has expanded his favorite schools list by one school.

"South Carolina has really jumped into the mix," Veal said. "I took my visit down there. I really liked it. I liked the facilities, coaches, [and] all they have going on down there."

South Carolina joins Clemson and North Carolina on Veal's favorite schools list. All three have offered the 6-foot-5, 286-pound offensive tackle from Charlotte (N.C.) Ardrey Kell.

"Those three are really the clear cut leaders right now and where I could see myself at best," Veal said. "I like the coaching staffs with all three of them. With South Carolina and Clemson, I'm amazed by the facilities. With North Carolina, the academics are fantastic. I also like how Clemson and North Carolina are really similar to what I do at my high school."

What makes the Gamecocks inclusion so noteworthy is that both Veal's parents graduated from the school.

"People my dad knows think I should go to South Carolina," Veal said. "[My dad] is kind of leaning that way, because that's his alma mater. But that's what my parents decided what was best for them when they decided to go to college – that might not be best for me. I'm going to go where I see myself fitting best whether that's South Carolina, North Carolina, Clemson or anywhere else."

The college football season opens with a very attractive game – especially if you're Veal. Two of Veal's favorites, UNC and South Carolina, will battle it out in Columbia. Since it's being played on a school night, Veal won't be able to watch the game in person, but his television will definitely be tuned to the contest.

"I might pull for South Carolina, I might pull for North Carolina – I really don't know how I'll feel that day," Veal said with a laugh. "But I don't really watch football like normal people. I watch the line [and] I watch technique. The part I really want to see is the intensity of the teams to see who wants it more.

"If it was North Carolina playing Syracuse, I'm going to root for North Carolina. But when it's two teams like North Carolina and South Carolina or South Carolina and Clemson, I'm going to try to stay impartial."

Veal does plan to attend a game during the opening weekend – the mega matchup between Clemson and Georgia. All other weekends he'll approach on a week-by-week basis, but he does plan to return to each of his favorites, as well as NC State, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt.

Over the summer, Veal made visits to Clemson, Georgia, UNC, Notre Dame, and South Carolina.

Gunter Brewer is recruiting Veal for UNC.

"Usually, Coach Brewer is with Coach [Chris Kapilovic], so I talk to both of them," Veal said. "Our conversations can be anything from how your summer's been to what are you guys working on with the football team. They are not just keeping it about football – they really want to know what's going on in my life, which is a big thing."

Veal plans to major in either political science or pre-law in college.

Mason Veal

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