2015 Target: Corey Bell

CORNELIUS, N.C. --- North Carolina has offered Corey Bell, a 5-foot-9, 159-pound cornerback from William Hough High School whose father played eight years in the NFL.

Scouting Report

"Corey Bell, I think, is one of the best cover corners in the state of North Carolina," Hough head coach Bobby Collins said. "He's one of the smartest players I've ever coached on the defensive side of the ball. He knows the terminology and has a lot of knowledge behind the game. He studies film just like a coach does, so that always gives him an advantage on Friday night."

Prep Career

During his sophomore year, Bell became a starter at left cornerback for Hough ending the season with All-Conference recognition. He accumulated five interceptions, 21 break-ups, and 11 tackles.

"He blankets guys," Collins said. "He knows exactly where he has to be to be successful. He knows route combinations. He's going to study the film and he's going to know what the quarterback is going to do."


Duke, North Carolina, and NC State have offered Bell a scholarship. The UNC offer was presented following his participation at Fedora's Freak Show in June.

"Most of the camps that I went to, they already knew about me ahead of time," Bell said. "And at the UNC Freak Show, I think that was probably my best camp. That was the most excited I was coming out of a camp, because I felt I really earned that [offer] since they weren't really expecting me to do what I did."

In addition to UNC, Bell has camped at Cincinnati, Duke, NC State, and Ohio State.

"[Fedora's Freak Show] was a competitive atmosphere," Bell said. "It was different than all the other camps. All the other camps were a lot of drills and combine drills. But at the Freak Show, we did the 40-[yard dash] but other than that they didn't really care – they just wanted to see who was competing. They let us sit in the locker room and treated it like it was a real night game. "

During position drills, Bell worked out under Dan Disch, UNC's cornerbacks coach.

"He really looks at the little things about you – where your eyes are, what you're looking at when the receiver is running a route," Bell said. "He shows you every little thing you're doing wrong so you can fix it. Even though I only got to work with him for an hour or two, I learned a lot that I took back with me."

NC State has emerged as an early leader for Bell.

"I've been there three-four times," Bell said. "So I've really gotten to know the coaches and we've gone past the introduction part. And I've learned a lot about NC State."

Bell remains in the introductory stage with UNC.

"I can tell they have a real big family atmosphere," Bell said. "The players and coaches all hang out together – even off the field. I've only been there twice, so I'd like to get up there and learn some more."

Bell has already begun to map out recruiting trips this fall. Thus far, his calendar includes the Duke-UNC game in Chapel Hill and Syracuse-NC State game in Raleigh. He's currently working on attending a game at Ohio State.

Bell is one of three '15 prospects at Hough who holds at least one scholarship offer. Mark Fields and Carl Tucker are the other two.

"Honestly, we can tell you ‘no' [our collegiate decisions won't affect the others], but there's no telling," Bell said. "If Carl commits somewhere and it's in my top two or three, I'm sure that's going to have a big impact on me. It's not going to solely lead me to follow, but it could be icing on the cake."

Extra Notes

Bell's father, Myron, had an eight-year career in the NFL at safety. He started for the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX. Prior to that, he was an All-Big Ten selection at Michigan State. The Spartans have shown limited interest thus far in Bell… Bell is a member of Hough's track-and-field team where he participates in the 100- and 200-meter dashes, and 4x100 relay.

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