Albright Confident In His Decision

KENNESAW, Ga. --- Despite the impromptu nature to his verbal commitment, Cameron Albright is sure him made the correct decision.

"I just feel relieved that I got the decision out of the way and I'm somewhere that I want to be," the 6-foot-2, 207-pound safety from North Cobb High said. "I'm still 100-, 200-, 300-percent confident [in my decision] – I'm as confident as I was the night that I made my decision.

"I'm 100-percent North Carolina. I'm not talking to any other coaches. I'm Carolina all the way."

Less than an hour after Albright had pledged to UNC, close friend and fellow Cobb County safety Allen Artis joined the fray himself. Unlike Albright, Artis wasn't present for Fedora's Freak Show but felt ready to give the Tar Heels his verbal commitment.

"I was just real happy – real excited," Albright said. "Him and I have been talking about our recruitments this summer and spring. We actually ran into each other at Georgia's spring practice, Vanderbilt's practice. We were talking the whole way and we did talk about how it would be cool to have the chance to play together."

Regardless, Albright says that he and Artis were never a package did and that committing on the same night wasn't the plan.

"While I was on my visit, I just felt that I wasn't going to be as happy or feel as good about any other place like North Carolina," Albright said. "It wasn't even planned for me to commit that night – I wanted to go home and decide, but decided to do it on the field – and didn't even know that he was going to commit that night. I didn't text him or anything [once I committed]."

Albright learned of Artis's decision from Walt Bell, who had returned to the field from the locker room.

"I honestly didn't know where [Artis] was leaning," Albright said. "He had said that he liked Carolina, but I didn't know who his favorite was. So him committing was a surprise to me."

Albright is hoping make a return to Chapel Hill for a couple football games this fall, but his father is against it because he wants Albright focused on his football season.

"I really want to get down there for an ACC game to witness the heat of the atmosphere when they're in the ACC race," Albright said.

Bookending Albright's and Artis's commitments were two other Cobb County players. Ayden Bonilla had committed earlier that same week, while Ty Tomlin pledged a month later.

"It's very extraordinary," Albright said. "Shortly after I committed, Ayden's dad got in contact with my dad. Since July, we've been trying to get together for one weekend, but it hasn't worked out."

Shane Queen, North Cobb's head coach, credits the entire coaching staff for UNC's success in Cobb County.

"Their whole staff is just a class act," Queen said. "They made us feel at home there… Coach [Blake] Anderson, one of the best offensive minds in the game, he helped recruit our area. Walt Bell, our main recruiter, is a young guy and a diamond in the rough. He's able to get on these young guys' levels and does a great job recruiting. And [Vic Koenning], he was involved. They came in here with everything they had to throw at Cameron and that's what turned Cameron on... We went to the Freak Show and you can tell their enthusiasm for the game and it filtrates down to the players."

Bell continues to be the coach Albright communicates with the most, but his contact with Koenning has increased. His conversations with Koenning have focused on where Albright fits within UNC's 4-2-5 defensive scheme.

"All the coaches have told me that they want me to be one of the two high safeties," Albright said. "Depending on how much weight I gain when I get up there, I could possibly play Ram."

Queen believes that Albright possesses the versatility to play any of the safety positions within UNC's defense.

"I think he could be the single high safety, because he's so athletic," Queen said. "And I think he's also a guy that coaches are looking to maybe roll down inside the box, because he has linebacker size."

Regardless of where he lines up, Albright will provide physicality combined with football smarts.

"The first thing that jumps out at you is his size – his physical size," Queen said. "He's a big physical presence on the field.

"The second thing that jumps out at me is his knowledge of the game. He's probably one of the smartest players I've coaches in 20 years. He picks things up naturally. You draw things up on the board during halftime and he applies it on the field.

"He's able to run down into coverage. We can put him in the box, because he's physical enough… He has linebacker strength playing safety, so he's our eighth or ninth guy in the box. But he's athletic enough to cover slots and the team's best receiver. And he also plays offense for us and returns kicks – he does a little bit of everything."

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