Hood: 'Home Is Where The Heart Is'

Elijah Hood - the state's No. 1 recruit - called UNC on Tuesday evening and committed. After making that call, the Charlotte (N.C.) Catholic running back talked with InsideCarolina.com ...

Why UNC?

"It's home. Home is where the heart is. That's where I'm feeling God is telling me to go. So I just have to trust my gut. And I love it up there. I feel great up there. I'm at peace when I'm up there. I'm not stressed out when I'm up there. I can relax and be where I am. I'm going to get a good education. It's right up the street."

What role did your primary recruiter, assistant coach Gunter Brewer, play in this?

"That guy is great. He's really special. He's really great. I can't say enough about Coach Brewer as a person. He's a great man and a great football coach. And I love what he does up there and I love how he recruits. I just think I get along with him real well. He does a great job with what he does."

How does it feel to make this decision

"I'm relieved."

How stressful was this last week for you?

"I guess it was pretty stressful. With all the attention on me and I don't want to be considered an attention-seeking guy. I just want to see what I'm doing with my life and just happen to get a lot of attention because I'm a football player. I know that comes with it."

Obviously that stress didn't affect your play in Saturday's season opener (323 yards on 37 carries, with five touchdowns).

"I'm happy when I'm on the football field. That's where my home is and where I'm comfortable. That calmed me down more than anything – just going out there and being able to play."

What sort of affect did Cayson Collins and Robert Dinkins showing up have on your decision?

"I just know them. They're good friends. They helped me out with something a while back. I looked for advice and they kind of gave it to me. It didn't really push me, but I just know those where my boys."

What are your thoughts on UNC's season, which kicks off on Thursday night?

"I think they're going to play well. I have a lot of faith in that coaching staff to get those guys to perform. I expect them to execute, but who knows what's going to happen [on Thursday]. As long as they execute and play their game, they should be okay this season and should have a real good season."

How often should we expect to see you at Chapel Hill this fall?

"It's an easy place to get to. I'm thinking about the home opener for sure."

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