1-on-1 with Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson was in Chapel Hill this past weekend for his official visit and has one more visit remaining before finalizing his decision. The 6-3 senior guard from Richmond (Va.) Benedictine gave a full recap of his UNC trip and talked about his pending announcement.

How was the trip to UNC?
This weekend was a lot of fun. There were a lot of questions that me and my family had that got answered. I got a chance to sit down and talk to Coach Williams a lot so that was good.

Was there anything about the trip that stuck out to you the most?
I think Coach Williams made it as personal as he could. He invited me over to his house and showed me things on his own, rather than have the assistant coach do it. I think he made everything personal.

I know Nate Britt was your host and you have a relationship from AAU. How was that?
Me and Nate pretty much have been friends from playing AAU together, back when we played for DC Assault last year. After that we've been tight.

Obviously if you went to UNC you'd have someone you knew there, does that play into this?
Most definitely. Having him there and him going through the transition he would definitely be able to tell me some things from an experience standpoint because he went through it. He'd help me make the transition easier.

How was playing pick up with the UNC team?
It was good. The games were pretty good. I liked playing with their guys. I think they are going to have a really good team this year. I think it would help me fit in next year based on the guys they have leaving.

What was your takeaway from playing with those guys?
The main thing I took away from it is that they are going to be real good. North Carolina basketball is - and is always going to be - North Carolina basketball. They are held to a different standpoint and that's something that they showed. It was good playing with them.

Heading into the visit I know you had some questions about their depth chart and who they already had coming in. Did they answer those questions?
Coach Williams was basically saying that the opportunity is definitely there to come in and play because they have three commits that you already know, but with that said he thinks I'm different than all of them. He said basically that there isn't anything promised to anybody. He said if you come in there and prove yourself then you can have playing time just like anybody else that comes in and proves themselves. He said the opportunity is definitely there.

How did the UNC trip compare to the IU and Virginia trips?
The Carolina trip was right there as far as the time I had and the questions that were answered and the overall feeling I got from the trip was right up there with Indiana and Virginia. I guess they answered a lot of question and they showed me a good time. So I thought it went good.

Were their any advantages for UNC that you learned from the trip?
Most definitely. One of the main advantages was the history and the alumni that they have. To be apart of that tradition would be something real big. Then being that it's in the ACC they always have a chance to compete at the top of the ACC. It's not that far away from home. It's only two hours and 15 minutes so that's another advantage to UNC.

Did UNC talk to you about who else they are recruiting for their last spot in 2014?
We went through that too. He said it's pretty much me, Rashad Vaughn, James Blackmon and Dante Exum.

Is that for one spot? Is it a first to commit type thing?
Yeah. I think so. That's what I took from it.

Where do you go from here?
I'm going to go down to Florida State this weekend. That will most likely be my last visit. I'm trying to think of what day I'm more than likely going to set a date next week to make my decision.

You went to IU two weeks ago, what sticks out about them?
What I liked about Indiana were the players. They are a good group of guys. They like to get in the gym. They are cool guys. I like the coaching staff and they are one of the best coaching staffs in the country as far as relating to the players and showing you what they think is special about Indiana. Those are some of the things that stood out.

What about with Virginia?
With Virginia I liked the coaching staff. They have an advantage of being close to home. Their main selling point was basically I could come there and do something that hasn't been done in a long time, as far as representing Virginia and being from Virginia and helping them build a national contender.

You're visiting FSU this weekend, what do you like about them?
The main thing Coach Hamilton has been telling me is that I have an opportunity to come in and play and be an impact player as soon as I get there. He said I'd have the chance to have the ball in my hands. He said they have a lot of pieces but that I'm one of the things that they're missing from being a real good team. That's the main thing that attracts me to Florida State.

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