Interview with A.J. Davis, Part II

A.J. Davis says that all three Northern Durham football phenoms came close to committing in April -- to Wake Forest. Find out what else A.J. Davis had to say.

A.J. Davis
Height 5-11 Weight 175 40 time 4.3 tackles 26 Ints 6 (3 returned for TDs)
Approx 10 TDs as a receiver 2 Punt Reurns for TDs

Current favorites
Notre Dame and Missouri
Looking at hard
Duke, Wake, Nebraska, UNC, others

Recruiting the hardest - Missouri

Inside Carolina – How often do you get cards from Missouri?

AJ – I get something just about every day. Today I got 4 pieces of mail. One was a handwritten letter from the head football coach.

Inside Carolina – 4 in one day? What do they say?

AJ – Oh, they want to know how I am doing and sometimes they ask me to call. They also say that they are looking forward to seeing me.

Inside Carolina – Does your family have a preference about where you attend?

AJ – No, not really.

Inside Carolina – If you were a college recruiter talking to AJ Davis, what would you say to encourage him to come to your school?

AJ – I would talk more about the track program.

Inside Carolina – Which do you like better, football or track?

AJ – That's hard to say but right now I'd say track but that might be because it's track season.

Inside Carolina – What do you like about Carolina?

AJ – I like the tradition at Carolina and I really like the staff. Also it's close to home.

Inside Carolina – Is there anything you don't like about Carolina?

AJ – No not really

Inside Carolina – Have you spoken to Coach Craddock (track coach)

AJ – Yes he calls sometimes.

Inside Carolina – Would you prefer to stay in-state or go out-of-state?

AJ – I really don't know yet. I want to take my visits to see what it is like at other places.

Inside Carolina – Have college recruiters ever said anything bad about another school so far in you recruitment?

AJ – No, they mostly talk about their own school.

Inside Carolina – Are there any in-sate schools that you have ruled out yet?

AJ – No, you never know. Its too early to rule anyone out.

Inside Carolina – Did you have a favorite school when you were growing up?

AJ – Yes, I liked Duke.

Inside Carolina – Because of their basketball program?

AJ – Mainly, but I followed their football program too.

Inside Carolina -What was your greatest moment in sports (so far)?

AJ - I think it was when i won the MVP at the state track meet. They usually pay more attention to the sprinters rather than the field events (AJ won the High Jump, triple jump, and long jump)

Inside Carolina – Is early playing time important to you?

AJ – Yes, but I can wait too.

Inside Carolina – Do you look at a team's roster to see what class the starters are? For instance Carolina ..

AJ – (breaking in) Junior and Senior, yes I look at that.

Inside Carolina – Have any recruiters turned you off by their style?

AJ – No, not really.

Inside Carolina – It's unusual for a HS team to have three division-one defensive backs, have you, Josh, and James ever talked about going to the same college?

AJ – Yes, we'll say something like, guess who called me and another one of us will say really? He called me too. As a matter of fact back in April all three of us came really close to committing to Wake Forest.

Inside Carolina – What did Wake Forest do to impress you guys so much?

AJ – They did a really great job with their presentation and were able to show a lot of positive things about their program.

Inside Carolina – What has changed since April?

AJ – We really didn't know what was out there until schools from other states started being interested.

Inside Carolina – Has your HS coach offered you any advice about being recruited?

AJ – So far, he has left it up to us to decide where we want to go. He has done a good job of letting people know about us.

Inside Carolina –You have set up an official visit with Notre Dame for October the 8th. Have you set up any other official visits?

AJ – Not yet, but I expect to have an in-home visit soon by the Missouri track coach and the NCST track coach will have an in-home visit next week

Inside Carolina – When do you think you'll decide?

AJ – I think after I take all my visits I'll know where I'll go. There will be some problem because of the start of indoor track. I should decide by Christmas.

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