Roy Williams Visits Dozier

Perry ("P.J.") Dozier Jr. won't play basketball at Spring Valley (S.C.) Columbia this season because of a torn ACL. The injury however, first sustained earlier in his career, hasn't stopped college coaches from putting the full-court press on the 6-5 guard.

With the open evaluation period that started on Monday, coaches from Michigan, Baylor, Georgia, South Carolina and Clemson have stopped by this week. In addition, coaches from Kansas, Ohio State and a host of other schools are expected in the coming days.

UNC head coach Roy Williams traveled to Columbia on Wednesday and met with Dozier and his father and coach, Perry Dozier Sr.

"Coach Williams is a very unique guy and been around for a while," Dozier Sr. said. "He's just a great young man; I call him that because he's still young at heart. He's done a good job at showing us that he really likes P.J."

Dozier Jr. called the UNC staff once he and his father determined he'd need ACL surgery. That hasn't deterred the interest from UNC, which offered him in July.

"He just said they expect him to get stronger and get better," explained Dozier Sr. "They're going to be there the whole time, and visit and recruit him as if he was playing."

In fact, nearly all schools interested in Dozier have called to reaffirm their interest.

"It seems like schools have shown the same or even more interest since the injury, which is very impressive," Dozier Sr. said. "We gauged that to see how coaches would respond, most of these colleges know that type of surgery nowadays is absolutely remarkable."

During the visit, which lasted "a while," Dozier Sr. said Williams discussed the Tar Heels' 2015 scholarship situation and addressed the other offers they've handed out to that class.

"They only have three offers out to his class and the other two guys are wing players," said Dozier Sr. "P.J. plays multiple positions; he's a '1' and '2.' That's what they're looking for. One of the unique things about UNC, they only recruit you if they want you to be on the court. They have great expectations and they know what they want, which fits what P.J. wants to do."

Despite the offer, Dozier isn't rushing into a decision nor is UNC pressuring him to. He plans to narrow his list down from a top 11 sometime this fall. UNC is expected to make the cut.

"They're definitely high on P.J.'s list," Dozier Sr. said. "They just have so much to offer. It's an extremely good school on the outside, but even better on the inside. It's good to know they're interested in P.J. the person, not just the basketball player. I just can't say enough good things about him (Roy Williams)."


During an AAU tournament in 2007, Dozier Jr. went to make a move and twisted his knee. About a day later he learned that he'd torn his ACL and meniscus. Only 12 years old, doctors thought an ACL surgery so young might stunt his growth.

So, they fixed the meniscus and let the ACL heal. The Doziers knew that one day he'd have to have surgery.

"The doctors said by the time he's a junior or senior in high school, it'd probably need to get done," Dozier Sr. said. "But as time went on, he was playing so well that he felt like he was 100 percent. Throughout the course of the year, he'd tweak it and it'd bother him for a while then go away.That's when we decided this was the time to do it."

"He's such a strong kid; he played against some of the best with a torn ACL."

According to his doctors, the general prognosis for a return is six to nine months. The Doziers, however, aren't going to rush P.J. back.

"He's got a whole lot of basketball ahead of him," Dozier Sr. said. "We're sure he could come back early, but we're going to rehab, work hard and have him come back at more than 100 percent when he's ready."

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