Vaughn Postpones UNC Visit

Rashad Vaughn will not be making his scheduled official visit to North Carolina this coming weekend.

Vaughn's mentor and assistant coach at Findlay, Pete Kaffey, confirmed the news on Monday.

"He's not doing that official to North Carolina coming up," Kaffey said. "He's going to wait for a later date so he can watch a game. He's not going to do the 27th official visit. It's not like North Carolina isn't in the picture."

"I think Rashad, he's planning on making his decision a little later and I think he wants to catch a game," Kaffey added. "He's going to schedule it a little later. I know Hubert [Davis] is going to send me dates that might work and we'll forward it to the parents."

Kaffey said the decision to push back the date was well received by both parties.

"It's not like UNC is going to be off the list, he's just planning on going to watch a game," he said." Last year he enjoyed watching that Duke/UNC game so he's planning to go for a game so his parents can enjoy a game too."

"Both sides decided that it was cool," Kaffey continued. "Roy Williams thought it was a good idea."

North Carolina recently conducted an in-home visit with Vaughn's parents in Minnesota and then with Vaughn at his school – Henderson (Nev.) Findlay Prep – on September 14th.

"It went well," he said of the in-home visit. "The visit with UNC went well. They are actually supposed to come see him (again) today - I think they might come and see him and say hello."

"They basically told him he's still their No. 1 guy even though they were recruiting Robert [Johnson]," Kaffey said. "I think they had an idea Robert wasn't going there. They said [Rashad's] the guy. They feel like they have pieces to the puzzle and they want to win a championship and they think Rashad has a chance to help them win."

Williams and Kaffey keep in touch regularly and he said UNC's plan is to continue to aggressively recruit him.

"They really like him and they said they are going to continue to go all out on him," he said. "Myself and Roy talk periodically and that says a lot from a Hall-of-Fame-type coach. They want him. He fits their system and they think he can have an impact right away."

"They really like Rashad," Kaffey said. "Rashad is a franchise kid. He can go to a school like Iowa State or Minnesota and be able to have a lot success. They know that."

Since offering Vaughn earlier this year, UNC has offered other prospects at his position. How does that impact Vaughn's decision?

"If Robert would have committed, Rashad would have went a different direction," he said. "If they get another two guard like a Johnson or Blackmon then I'm not going to be an advocate of North Carolina or any other school that takes another guy at his position."

"Roy has expressed that they have to do what's best for North Carolina," he added. They are going to wait on Rashad but they are still going to go out there because they need to bring in a two guard."

Vaughn has said that he intends on waiting until the spring to make a decision. While Kaffey noted that appears to still be the plan, he also said that Vaughn will decide when he feels comfortable.

"That's what he's saying," Kaffey said about a spring decision. "If it feels right he's going to do it. I don't know when he's going to do it. His plan is to wait, but he's just saying when it feels right. If he feels like its time, he'll do it."

What's UNC's take on Vaughn timetable to make a college choice?

"I think they don't like the timetable, they really don't," he said. "I don't think anybody does. Even the smaller schools. They don't want him to wait so late. At the end of the day, they don't have a choice because that's what Rashad wants to do."

According to Kaffey, Vaughn will likely cut his list of schools in the near future. Among the other schools heavily involved include Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, UNLV and Minnesota.

"I think Kansas is doing a great job," he said. "I think North Carolina is doing a great job. But I also think UNLV is doing everything. They have a great class coming in with Morgan and potentially Goodluck [Okonoboh]. They feel like all they need is that guy that can come in and give them 20. Iowa State is going hard too."

"I don't think anybody is leading right now," Kaffey said. "I know that for a fact. I don't think anyone is leading right now. Those schools are pursing him heavily."

Baylor and Iowa State are currently the only schools with scheduled visit dates, but look for UNLV to set one up soon.

"I think we might do a UNLV coming up," Kaffey said. "We've been working on that date. His parents want to come down here and see him and see what UNLV has to offer."

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