UNC Targeting Morehead For Safety

Since becoming head coach of North Carolina, Larry Fedora has designated one home game as Military Appreciation Day. Jarius Morehead, an athlete from Gibsonville (N.C.) Eastern Guilford, was a big fan of the event.

"I liked that they were showing respect to the people in the Army and Navy," Morehead said. "I really liked [when the paratroopers] dropped down – that was my first time seeing that."

Prior to heading to the sidelines to see the paratroopers deliver the game ball, Morehead, a 6-foot-1, 185-pounder, had brief conversations with both Fedora and UNC assistant coach Chris Kapilovic.

"They said they were going to get a victory today and they were going to show us what North Carolina was all about," Morehead said.

UNC might have been able to show off the program, but it was unable to score a victory over instate rival East Carolina.

"[The loss] really doesn't affect me, because they could have had a bad game," Morehead said. "It looked like they were just having a bad day on ‘D.' They were just making minor mistakes. The offense looked solid. The defense needs work, though."

Though he could play several positions in college, UNC projects Morehead as a safety.

"They said they need safety help," Morehead said.

Morehead says that he and Kapilovic, who recruits Guilford County for UNC, communicate every other day. That communication is typically through Facebook.

"He tells me how they're doing, sees how I'm doing, seeing how [my] football is going, and how practice is," Morehead said.

An ankle sprain has hindered Morehead's football season, but Eastern Guilford reminds undefeated at 5-0. In three games, he has over 200 yards in receptions and two touchdowns. Defensively, he has played defensive end, linebacker, and safety. He anticipates being a full participant for Friday's conference game against Eden (N.C.) Morehead.

Besides Saturday's game, Morehead has attended NC State vs. Clemson in Raleigh and Wake Forest vs. Louisiana-Monroe in Winston-Salem.

"I've only been to three schools, so I don't really know who the leader is right now," Morehead said.

This weekend, Morehead plans to return to Wake Forest for its bout with NC State. His schedule also includes return trips to UNC (vs. Miami) and NC State (vs. UNC).

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