Two Ahead For Tucker

Two schools have worked their way into a tie for Carl Tucker, a 2015 athlete.

"Honestly – I've been talking about this with my dad a lot – Tennessee and Chapel Hill are definitely ahead," Tucker said. "It's in no particular order [between the two].

"The coaches [at Tennessee and UNC] are very interactive with me. I call them every week and we just have a conversation once a week. That lets me know that they're there for me and that they actually like me and that's a good feeling for me."

Tucker, a 6-foot-2, 213-pounder from Cornelius (N.C.) Hough, holds offers from both UNC and Tennessee, as well as Clemson.

"I'm really indecisive, so I don't know who to put first," Tucker said. "I like all three of those schools a lot, because they all have things that they can offer me."

Two weekends back, Tucker attend his first football game in Kenan Stadium. The Tar Heels hosted East Carolina that Saturday.

"It was nice," Tucker said. "It was fun. There were a lot of people there. It was a very fun game. Even though [UNC] didn't win, I was still excited and it was still a fun game to watch. It just reassured why I like them so much."

During the actual game, Tucker's focus was on the safeties and wide receivers.

"I wouldn't mind playing either side," Tucker said. "I was watching the safeties and he gets a lot of action and I like the way he's used. And the wide receivers, they throw the ball a lot and that was good to see."

Initially, Tucker's position preference was wide receiver. However, he's beginning to move off of that stance.

"I wouldn't have a probably playing defense," Tucker said. "It's just I haven't played defense yet this year, so I'm really rusty. On top of that, it was only my first year playing defense last year. As of right now, I don't know how good I'd be at it. But if I learned how to play and learned how to cover better, I'd be way more comfortable playing."

In his lone season playing defense – his sophomore year – Tucker accumulated 49 tackles and six interceptions. He anticipates being rotated into Hough's defense in the future. But his focus for Hough will always be receiver, where he has 16 receptions for 300 yards and four touchdowns in four games.

Due to his late arrival, Tucker was unable to speak to any of UNC's coaches during the game visit. That didn't damper his visit because he knew he would speak to Gunter Brewer on Tuesday night, as is their routine.

"Most of the time, we're talking about Friday night football," Tucker said. "He asks me how I'm doing and how's my family doing. That's basically it."

Besides UNC, Tucker has attended games at Clemson (vs. Georgia) and Tennessee (vs. Western Kentucky). His next college game visit is Tennessee-Auburn in Knoxville on Nov. 9. He's also working on a trip to Georgia.

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