Jeter Talks UNC Offer

Roy Williams has selected a small group of post players to offer for the 2015 class. Chase Jeter joined that group over the weekend and he talked about this significant development in his recruitment.

What was your reaction to the scholarship offer from North Carolina?
(Roy Williams) stopped by the school on Wednesday and he talked to my parents and I talked to him shortly after. Friday when he had offered (Stephen) Zimm(erman) on Thursday, I was expecting a phone call from him at 6:30 on Friday night. Then basically he said he offered me a scholarship to play basketball at the University of North Carolina and I was really excited.

What did Coach Williams relay to you?
He just wants to continue to develop a good relationship with me. He said he was recruiting a few others such as Diamond Stone, Ivan Rabb and Stephen Zimerman. He said we were the only bigs in our class he was recruiting.

What did you think of the conversation?
The way I thought of it, they are all great players. I thought it was pretty cool that he only recruited a select few. Some schools recruit a lot of people and he just recruits a select few. I thought it was pretty cool. He said that he was looking for two bigs in our class.

What are your general thoughts on North Carolina?
Great school. There's a good rivalry between them and Duke so that would be a fun atmosphere to play in, in the ACC. There'd be some great schools to go up against and they also have great academics and that's very important to me. I'm going to keep a close eye on them and see how they do, as well as next year.

Have you and Coach Williams gotten to know each other well to this point?
It's sort of just beginning. Me and him just started talking. I met him for the first time last Wednesday and then he called me. I don't think he's a big texter, but I call him from time to time.

Where do you stand with the recruiting process?
I'm just taking my time and having fun with it as well. I'm going to start talking to my coaches at Gorman and letting them know the schools that do have a chance and then the schools that I don't really feel will fit me. I'm not coming out with a list, but I'm taking a few people off of it.

Have you taken many visits to this point?
Unofficially I've taken one to UCLA, San Diego State and to UNLV. I'm sure I'll probably do a visit to Arizona and then Oregon. We have a tournament out there (in Oregon), the Les Schwab. I'm going to take an unofficial visit out to Oregon.

Did North Carolina talk to you about a visit?
Not yet. I'm not sure with any unofficial. I'm sure with any visit that far out East it would most likely be an official, if and when I do.

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