UNC-UNCP: Roy Williams Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and transcript excerpts of head coach Roy Williams's post game press conference following UNC exhibition win over UNC-Pembroke on Friday.

Opening Comments -

"It was a good night for us to learn a lot of things about our team - some good, some bad. It's hard to throw a lineup out there when poor Isaiah has never played the three-spot in his life and we're trying to get him minutes and James Michael didn't play the '4' the entire game. But it's something that we understand.

"We had some guys that did some good things. Marcus Paige is one of the smartest players I've ever been around and he went brain dead there for a time period. Again, some things that helped us a great deal. I've always called this a glorified practice and I think that was correct terminology - and that's not intended as a slight against UNC-Pembroke in any way. It was an opportunity for us to get better and I think we'll gain from it.

On the small lineup in P.J. Hairston and Leslie McDonald's absence --

"That's a big part of it because we don't know anything about that - there's no update on that. Again, I think James Michael had some really good moments. I have so much confident in Marcus, he's going to be fine. Nate's going to play a lot for us early. Six assists, two turnovers is not bad and he can shoot better than 2-for-7. I'm not close to a set lineup by any means and we have a lot of guys who are going to get a chance to play anyway. "

How are you liking the chemistry between Paige and Britt when they're out there?

"I like that. In 2002 I started three point guards and we went to the Final Four. It was one of the most comfortable teams I ever coached because we didn't turn it over. Now tonight those three point guards had 10 turnovers, we don't need to do that for sure."

We you pleased with Kennedy Meeks's play tonight?

"Second half I was - first half he didn't box out. You've got to box out or you don't get to play. Because I think he can be a really nice rebounder ... "

Did you get what you were looking for tonight out of the '5' spot?

"Guys got to rebound the ball - if you want to play the '5' you've got to rebound the ball and be a factor around the rim."

What do you feel like you need to see from James Michael in order for this team to be successful?

"To not have five turnovers. If he doesn't have the five turnovers I'm pretty doggone pleased with him."

Were the turnovers a factor of guys playing out of position?

"It's a little bit. Again James Michael until this year had never played the '3' and he played 27 minutes at the three tonight. Told him what I told Ty Lawson - not to dribble into a crowd. But it could be not out of position - going to have to play there some there this year so you might as well get used to it. But we talked about that last year, that with James Michael and J.P., the turnovers are big parts of their game that they've got to improve on."

One week to go until the season opener, what are your priorities between now and then?

"List of priorities would be everything, but shot selection, not turning it over, rebounding and then with the rules nowadays we can't keep fouling people so we need to keep our hands off the dribbler."

Now a week out, is the uncertainty with P.J. and Leslie being out frustrating?

"Well, yeah, but you've got to go through the process. We've understood that from Day 1. There are reasons that it hasn't been cleared up yet so we've got to wait for the process to finish."

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