UNC in Top Four for Wilson

North Carolina has made a strong impression on Nick Wilson, a four-star prospect from the 2015 class.

"They're one of my top schools," Wilson said. "I've grown a relationship with a lot of the coaches over there. I really like how they run their program, so they're one of my top schools right now."

In fact, Wilson, a 6-foot-4, 275-pound offensive lineman from Alpharetta (Ga.) Milton, groups UNC with Auburn, Florida State, and Mississippi to form his top four schools list. All four have offered.

"I just like how their programs are run," Wilson said. "I've gotten to know the coaches there really well. Any time I feel comfortable with a coach, I start talking to them a lot more."

Wilson says all four are equal and he's undecided when he'd make a verbal commitment.

"I want to get to know the coaches a little bit more and see how they coach up their team," Wilson said. "A lot of places, I haven't seen all of their facilities. But the main thing is how I get along with the coach and how they run their football program."

In particular with UNC, Wilson has built a relationship with Walt Bell, who recruits Alpharetta for the Tar Heels, and Chris Kapilovic, its offensive line coach. Prior to the football season, Wilson would call either Bell or Kapilovic once a week, but he has since limited the contact to once every other week because of his football and school schedule.

"They talk about the academics and how they coach – those are big things I look at," Wilson said. "I really like Coach Kap. We talk about his family. It's good talking to him – he's a good guy. He'd be the guy I'd spend the most time with and I think I would like him a lot if I went there.

"They also ask me when the next time I'm going to visit."

Tentatively, Wilson plans to visit UNC on Nov. 30 for the Tar Heels' regular season finale against Duke. With his high school team practicing on Saturday mornings, he's limited during the football season with when and where he visits for games. He has attended games at Auburn, Mississippi, and Vanderbilt.

Wilson has made three total trips to UNC, including last season's win over Virginia Tech.

"I think everything is really nice," Wilson said of UNC. "I love how the school is really pretty. And I think it's an awesome little college town. I really like the school – all the facilities for football are really nice."

Besides the late November visit to UNC, Wilson is planning a trip to Ohio State.

"My mom and dad are big fans, so we're going to fly up there to see some family members," Wilson said. "My dad went to Ohio State and my mom went to Ohio University. So I just kind of grew up a fan, but they don't have an upper hand or anything. There's a lot more to think about when choosing a school, like academics and closeness to home."

Wilson starts at left guard for Milton, but he says most colleges recruit him to move to center.

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