Interview with Maurice Hart

Inside Carolina interviews a JUCO player with strong North Carolina ties. Maurice Hart was one the best football players in the State of North Carolina when he graduated from Northern Durham in 1999.

Maurice (Mo) Hart
Height: 6-0
Weight: 200
40-time: 4.43
Position: Safety

IC – Do you go by Maurice?

MH – Yes

IC – Do you have a nickname?

MH – Well, people call me Mo.

IC – Would you rather us call you Maurice or Mo?

MH – Mo is fine.

IC – Mo, are you on track to graduate in December?

MH – Yes.

IC – How much eligibility will you have remaining?

MH – Two years plus one RS year.

IC – Which Div-1 teams are recruiting you?

MH – Carolina, NCST, UCLA, Ore St

IC – Any offers yet?

MH – Not any Div-1 offers yet but I think I'm close on getting some.

IC – Do you have a favorite?

MH – North Carolina is my favorite.

IC – Who recruited you when you were in HS?

MH – Carolina, NCST, ECU, Mich. They started backing off of me when I had trouble getting a good SAT score.

IC – How is recruiting different for you in JC than in HS?

MH – In HS only schools from the East Coast were recruiting me. Now schools from all over are recruiting me.

IC – How do you like California?

MH – I like it.

IC – Is there any differences between the people in California and the people in North Carolina?

MH – Oh yes, the people back home look at you funny if they don't know you. Out here everyone has been real friendly. Especially when they found out I was from out of state.

IC – Would you like to come back to North Carolina?

MH – Yes.

IC – Who is recruiting you from Carolina?

MH – Coach Browning

IC – Have you had a chance to meet any of the new staff?

MH – Yes, I met the defensive staff when I came home this past summer.

IC – You've met Coach Tenuta then?

MH – Yes

IC – What do you think of the new coaches?

MH – I loved the new staff. They were honest with me and I felt like they treated me like a man (truthful and with respect). I liked the way that they talked with me. I've had coaches in the past where I didn't feel like they were being truthful.

IC – Mo, what makes you a good player?

MH – I'm fast, coachable, A quick learner, and I give a 110%.

IC – Does your family have a preference where you play next?

MH – I think my Mom would like me close to home but she is leaving it up to me.

IC – Your mom sounds like a fine person.

MH – My mom is great. I really love my mom. She will retire after this year so she can fly to see me play if she has too.

IC – Do you any idea about when you might decide?

MH – My mom encouraged me to be patient and weigh all of my options. I will try not to commit right away after the first offer but it would be tough to turn down an offer close to home.

IC – You would probably decide before the end of December?

MH – Yes, definitely

IC –What do you like about Carolina?

MH – Oh man! Everything! The atmosphere is irresistible, I love the spirit, I love the colors, and I love that blue. The place is just hypnotizing.

IC – Mo, What advice would you give HS football players?

MH – Stay focused. There were alot of distractions at home but when I think if I had just done what I could have done in school then I would be playing Div-1 football instead of JC. They should listen to their parents more. I was a little stubborn when I was in HS and in some ways it cost me.


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