UNC-OU: Roy Williams Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and transcript excerpts of head coach Roy Williams's post game press conference following UNC's season-opening win over Oakland on Friday.

Opening Statement -

"In the first half we shot 74 percent with 17 or 18 assists; and I thought James Michael, J.P., and Marcus were really good in the first half. Our defense was good and helped us get the break going. We had some open court situations and I think that was the whole thing right there. You shoot 74-percent because you're getting a lot of great shots.

"They're a good basketball team, I think its just one of those days for them early and they couldn't make one and then all of the sudden we're making everything. I really have a great deal of respect for Greg [Kampe] and his club and they're got a big time schedule that he's put in front of them because he knows that they're going to be pretty doggone good. As a coach it always scares you when the other team calls you, and that's what happened...Oakland called us. But I have a great deal of respect for Greg and his club,.

"Again, we were really sharp and we were going up and down the court throwing the ball to the right colored shirts in the first half. I also thought our guys coming off the bench, I looked down there and our bench got 28 points. I think we need to have that kind of performance from our bench every night too, but the big guys did a nice job moving the ball. They played zone almost the whole game, and at times against them we had really good shots. But we have to play better and we have to hold your intensity level. I know it's hard with the score what it was at halftime."

J.P. looked really good in the first half. How much work has he put into his game to make these strides?

"Well, he was really good in the first half. He's played really well, the one thing he didn't show as much tonight is that he's been a great rebounder for us. And you know, he only had two offensive rebounds. He's been a great rebounder and a great defensive player. His shot is better, we need to understand that it's a work in progress and that its going to get better and better and better. And we need to stop turning the ball over, four turnovers for him in the second half. Well for the whole team we had 12. That's way too many"

Did this performance calm some of your apprehension after the uncertainty of the offseason?

"No, I mean that's the big picture thing, but like I said yesterday, I'm always the guy that thinks things are going to be really good. So I'm thinking we're going to go 75-0 in a 29- or 30-game schedule."

What did you think from what you saw out of Kennedy Meeks and Joel James at the five?

"I thought they gave a solid play. You know, Kennedy-10 points, five rebounds. Joel got in foul trouble, he had two fouls in the first half that kept him out of there. Fourteen points from the two of them, and Joel had eight rebounds in 14 minutes. I got some good things from everybody really."

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