Freshmen First Interviews

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The rule remains at UNC that freshmen can't talk to the media until after their first game. So, following Friday's season opener, Nate Britt, Isaiah Hicks and Kennedy Meeks gave their first interviews as Tar Heels ...


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"I felt like I was more nervous than excited because it's Carolina Basketball and it's always been my dream school. Now after the game, with it over with, I feel like I can relax and play...

"The speed of the game wasn't very difficult (to adapt to), the strength of the guys ... Just the physicality and athleticism is the biggest adjustment I've had to go through...

"Playing two point guards together, I feel like that's always been easier because we have the same mindset. Point guards usually think pass first and make the right decisions. So us being out there together makes the game a whole lot easier. ... As long as we keep down the turnovers, I feel like (Coach Williams) likes that type of lineup."


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"It's been great. This is like home - it's how I expected it to be. The campus life, everybody is so happy to be here and I am too.

"It was overwhelming, my first game as a Tar Heel. I've always wanted this moment to come and it came, so I had butterflies in my stomach. ... Running out of there, with all the crowd watching us, I'll remember that the most. I imagined it, but it's never what you imagined until you actually do it.

"I've learned a lot. Obviously I like to run the floor, but now it's time to slow it down on the offensive side, learn to set screens and be more involved. It's been 24 practices and it's getting better. ... Right now I'm trying to get in the game, learn, and the next step is keeping learning, keep on doing better, keep on getting better every day."


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"I've just been working hard every day in practice, working hard in the weight room, eating good, just being dedicated to the game. It's official now, I'm a Tar Heel. I just need to keep eating right and paying attention to what coach wants.

"It's a complete turnaround. Thanks to Jones, thanks to Coach, thanks to my teammates encouraging me, telling me to eat right and stuff like that, I think that's what really helped me get to where I am right now.

"It's 40 pounds (lost since arriving at UNC) ... it feels great. I'm proud of myself for sticking with it. I'm just glad i'm in this position.

"I was just really excited. It was my first college game ... I think I did good, I could have rebounded better but in terms of offense I did good."

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