Interview with Chris Chestnut

Inside Carolina talks with another JUCO player, Chris Chestnut. Chestnut played on the same Northern Durham teams that featured Andre Williams and Maurice Hart.

Chris Chestnut
School: Currently College of the Canyons (JC) formerly Northern Durham HS
Height: 6-0
Weight: 191
40-time: 4.43
Position: WR

Catches in '00: 28
TDs: 3

Inside Carolina  – Chris, are you on track to graduate in December?

Chris Chestnut – Yes Sir, I am

Inside Carolina – How much eligibility will you have left?

Chris Chestnut– Two years plus one RS year.

Inside Carolina  – Which Div-1 teams are recruiting you?

Chris Chestnut – UNC, South Carolina, Col, Col ST, TX A&M and others

Inside Carolina  – Do you have a favorite?

Chris Chestnut – North Carolina

Inside Carolina  – How is recruiting in JC different from HS?

Chris Chestnut – I think mainly there is more exposure of players in JC than there is in HS

Inside Carolina  – Are Div-1 college coaches restricted by how many times and what time of year they can visit?

Chris Chestnut - Yes, like right now we're in a dead period

Inside Carolina  – How do you like California?

Chris Chestnut – I like it

Inside Carolina  – Would you like to be back in NC?

Chris Chestnut – Oh yes.

Inside Carolina  – Who is recruiting you from UNC?

Chris Chestnut – Coach Browning

Inside Carolina  – Which school is recruiting you the hardest?

Chris Chestnut – I'd say South Carolina

Inside Carolina  – What are the most important things you are looking for in a Div-1 college?

Chris Chestnut – Academics and a good football program.

Inside Carolina  – Do you think you have changed as a person since attending College of the Canyons?

Chris Chestnut – Yes, I think I've grown in my work ethic towards my schoolwork.

Inside Carolina  – What do you like about UNC?

Chris Chestnut – It's right down the road from home, I know a lot of people that go there, and I love the atmosphere.

Inside Carolina  – You remind me of Kory Bailey. Has anyone told you that before?

Chris Chestnut- Yes. That is one thing I like about Carolina. There are some guys that used to go to Northern HS just like I did.

Inside Carolina  – Is there anything you do not like?

Chris Chestnut – No, I like everything about UNC.

Inside Carolina  – Have you had a chance to meet any of the new staff?

Chris Chestnut – No. I've known Coach Browning for some time though.

Inside Carolina  – Chris, what makes you a good player?

Chris Chestnut – I pay attention to the coaches and I work very hard to do what they are trying to teach me.

Inside Carolina  – Did you notice a difference between HS school football and JC football?

Chris Chestnut – Yes, I noticed that the speed of the game is faster and the overall talent level is much better.

Inside Carolina  – Does your family have a preference where they would like you to attend?

Chris Chestnut – Not really. I think they would like me on the East Coast.

Inside Carolina  – What advice would you give HS football players?

Chris Chestnut – Work harder in school. Do your best on the field. Help your team to be better.



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