UNC-UK: Roy Williams Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and a transcript of head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC's win over Kentucky on Saturday.

Opening Comments

"Well, there were a lot of young guys out there that fought pretty doggone hard on both teams. I didn't think it was the most artistic game ever, but I thought both teams played really, really hard. I think Marcus Paige was just sensational for us in the second half, James Michael was big, J.P. was really big. I hate he got in foul trouble because he was doing things so well.

"Steve gave me a good stat when it was tied at 46 - our next five baskets were scored by five different guys. I love that balance. I always think that's the most difficult thing to do, but for us we feel extremely good to say the least.

"We shoot 57-percent in the second half and being able to overcome some more of the free throw woes. It was a stretch there for us to say the least. James Michael got a big tip out for us, and Marcus made the two free throws for us then. I told Kennedy to take the ball out of bounds because he is such a good passer, and then I was over there just cussing myself out if I could because I meant to tell him to look deep because we did send J.P. and he didn't do it. ... But he saw J.P. down there and made a great pass, and then J.P. made the big dunk.

"But it was a fun time in the locker room with my kids."

Do you think at this point the team has figured (the position issues) out and the players have accepted their roles?

"I think they've accepted it, but I'm not sure they've figured it out yet. But I think they've accepted. I think J.P. knows he's going to spend some time at the two. James Michael knows he's going to spend some time at the three. We're such a young group and sometimes an immature group. You don't want to get them too fat and happy and that type of thing. Those games coming up are still pretty big, but I do think they understand what we want them to do. It's not a natural position for either one of them, so I don't think you can do that in nine games, but they do understand it more."

Marcus had two points in the first half and 21 in the second half. What accounted for the difference

"That's making shots - that was the biggest part of it. You know, 8-for-8 free throw in the second half and he made one big three for us ... We did a better job screening for him in the second half. They did a lot of switching so we tried to get bigs screening for little for Marcus. I think the guys looked for him more. He made two unbelievable shots - that little floater on the baseline ... I'm always harping that I don't like floaters until you show me you can make them and he's coming pretty doggone close."

James Michael did a good job attacking all game long and got 19 free throw attempts. Is that more the aggressive style you want to see out of him?

"It's strange because I told the whole team I wanted them to be aggressive - aggressive and patient. That's hard because those are opposites there. I wanted us to be aggressive, trying to get the ball to the basket on the break, but then get good shots when you get there. And I think James Michael did that. I love when you look down there and he's 4-6, I'll take that any day. Especially if you get 19 free throws."

How difficult is it for you to watch that last minute and half seeing all those missed free throws?

"It's difficult, no question. We made enough, but not a bunch. You've got to go back, be more attentive to details, practice harder. I told them, 'Don't come out there politicking, walking around, laughing and talking to all the coaches - get your butt on the line and shoot more free throws."

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