Shrine Bowl Coach Speak

SPARTANBURG, S.C. --- Inside Carolina caught up with North Carolina Shrine Bowl assistant coaches Blair Hardin, Mark Little, Phil Tate, and Randy Raper to discuss the five UNC verbal commitments on their roster – Josh Cabrera, Cayson Collins, Robert Dinkins, Elijah Hood, and Austin Proehl.

Blair Hardin on Austin Proehl:

"The one thing about Austin is he has a very high [football] IQ," Hardin said. "He's been around the game for a long time. He understands spacing [and] route running. He has great hands. He's a very, very consistent, athletic, smart player. And he makes plays – he had a great career at Providence.

"It's more of a spread offense with quick throws and down the field throws. And obviously a little power running game on the inside and we're going to try to get the ball on the edge, as well. It's a spread offense that's tries to get your speed in space and mix in the run, as well

"[Proehl] is so smart that he could really play any position. He's really familiar with this type of offense. We'll use him inside and outside, and just try to get him in space and let him make play."

Hardin on Josh Cabrera:

"He was a physical player," Hardin said. "He plays on both sides of the ball – he played safety, as well. He's long, he's rangy, he runs well, and he makes plays. And he seems like a very humble young man. I was looking forward to working with him and I hate that he had an injury that prevented him from being here today."

Mark Little on Elijah Hood:

"He's a great running back and from the times I've been around him he seems to be a great young man," Mark Little said. "He has a real good combination of power and speed. He has a lot of acceleration. He has a gear that a lot of running backs don't have. When you have that plus his size and speed it makes for a pretty awesome running back.

"We have four running backs and they've all looked good and we're going to throw the ball, too, so I don't know how many carries our running backs will get. But I'm sure he's going to get a lot of carries. And I'm sure he's going to be effective when he carries the ball. We haven't sat down as a staff and talked about how many carries each kid is going to get. It's going to be hard not to get him the ball a lot."

Phil Tate on Robert Dinkins:

"He's a superman – he really is," Tate said. "He really loves [football]. I was just telling somebody a moment ago that we have some kids out here that really love it and he was the first one that I said – Dinkins loves to play football. He's a special kid. He plays so hard. He comes off so hard. He gets after the ball. He plays until the whistle blows. He's a super guy – he really is.

"We're going to play him as long as he can play. If he gets winded we'll rest him, but he's going to be one of my main men I know that. He'll play until he gets winded. We'll get him out from a blow or two once in a while, but he's going to have to play Saturday.

"He's a right end mostly. He'll play some nose guard, because we lost a nose guard to an injury. So he'll play both places."

Randy Raper on Cayson Collins:

"Collins has a very high football IQ," Raper said. "He's a really smart kid. He's very athletic. He has a lot of potential to play a lot of positions. We're using him at multiple positions – he'll play inside linebacker some, he'll play outside ‘backer because he can cover. That versatility is good to have. And on top of all that – all his gifts – he's a great kid with a solid work ethic.

"We're fortunate to have all these athletes. When you have all these athletes, you want to get them in as much as you can and play them as much as you can. With what he brings to the table is versatility to be able to do so many things. He gives us the opportunity to have a kid that can play multiple positions and give you a lot of depth at that area."

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