USAAAB: Henderson Driven

SAN ANTONIO -- When Burke (Va.) Lake Braddock quarterback Caleb Henderson arrived at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, it didn't take long for him to realize how talented his East region teammates are.

"It's insane, I threw a seam to a kid and I saw the free safety coming but I didn't think he'd be able to get there," Henderson said. "I threw it kind of high so it would get over him, but he just elevated and got over it and tipped it and picked at the same time. It was the most insane thing I had seen."

Once the 6-foot-4, 225-pound standout got acclimated to his surroundings, it was 'game on' for the gunslinger.

"I think it's going really well. I think we are actually really far ahead," Henderson said of his East All-Star team. "I did well on 7-on-7 and throwing different routes. I felt like I was getting the timing with the routes down with receivers."

Even though Henderson is preparing for an all-star game, he wasn't lowering his standards for his own game.

"I definitely still want to fix a few things for the next practice and not make the same mental mistakes I made today. You can always work on things and get better," Henderson said. "When it came to the teamwork there were some miscommunications on my part, but that will happen when you haven't played together. For our first couple of practices with bunch of guys who never played with each other we are doing really well. I think we are just going to keep getting better and better."

Henderson's drive to continue improving is what has made him so successful at Lake Braddock, as he capped his career with a storybook ending leading the Bruins to their fifth consecutive district championship with a 12-1 overall record.

"This season [of high school football] I thought I played really well," Henderson said. "I was really consistent, I ran the ball effectively this year. Overall it was really good."

With his high school career over, Henderson is excited to start a new chapter of his football career in Chapel Hill...especially after watching the Tar Heels' drudging of Cincinnati in the Belk Bowl.

"That was awesome," Henderson said. "I was happy with the result of the bowl game, I can't wait to be a part of it. It is definitely motivating."

Henderson will be in action on the East All-Star team on Saturday Jan. 4th for the 14th annual U.S. Army All-American Bowl at 1 p.m. EST.

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