UNC-WFU: Roy Williams Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and a transcript of head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC's loss to Wake Forest on Sunday.

Opening comments:
"Well it was a great win for Jeff (Bdzelik) and his staff. I like Jeff but I don't like him as much as I like my team so I would've liked for us to play better. I thought turning the basketball over, unforced turnovers is what really killed us. The first half we turned it over four times just dribbling the ball, dribbling the ball they stole it, dribble it off our foot out of bounds and dribble it out of bounds. The second half we had three turnovers just throwing it from one guy to the other without the defense between us so the turnovers I thought were huge for us.

"We kept hanging around because we were doing a good job rebounding the ball but we weren't finishing the plays when we got the offensive rebounds. You look down there and you have 24 offensive rebounds and that should be more than 17 points but we weren't tough enough, physical enough, strong enough, explosive enough or whatever to finish the plays at that point. We got it to a one-possession game and then we took shots that we rushed and probably should've taken a few more seconds to get a better shot.

"We had some chances but didn't shoot the ball in the hole very well that always makes it more difficult as well. Congratulate Jeff, his staff and his team, 19 out of 33 free throws for them and seven for eleven for us. We've got to be more aggressive and attack the basket instead of shying away from everything. That's about it."

Comments on the Demon Deacons' defense on second-chance baskets:
"They were guarding us, we didn't just miss it. Thomas, Cavanaugh have good size inside but when you get the ball on an offensive rebound two or three feet from the basket you should finish the play or get fouled. We didn't take it up very strong at that point and that hurt us but it's unforced turnovers and not finishing plays around the basket that were big for us the entire night.

"We never really did and even at the end we have a layup, a six-footer and a tip and we didn't finish plays around the basket but give their defense some credit for it. They had six blocked shots but they affected a lot more than that."

Were you surprised by the outcome despite the dominance in rebounding and the amount of free throws the Demon Deacons missed?
"That's not a bad question. I guess I'm just having a difficult time trying to answer it. I thought we could rebound the basketball effectively and for the most part we've been a good rebounding team but we didn't finish plays around the basket. Neither team has been a good free throw shooting team if you look at our free throw percentages we're both 60 to 62 percent. It's just fast break points, it's eleven to eight for them and we just didn't finish many plays."

What was the thought process behind leaving J.P. Tokoto and James Michael McAdoo in the game during the first half with two fouls?
"I've always been a guy that I'm not going to take somebody out just because they get two fouls in the first half. If you get it inside three minutes then I'll take them out. I think I'm right on this that Marcus (Paige) had two fouls and he was on the free throw line with exactly three minutes to play and I had a substitute up for him at that time. If I get it inside three minutes I do try to take them out.

"I've never been a guy that's going to take them out just because a guy gets two fouls in the first five minutes because that means he's going to sit there for 15 minutes. I've had guys play the whole game before and never get another one. I don't really think that had a factor in it but maybe it did."

Do you feel like your team stepped up their level of play for ACC play? "No. God no. Not at all."

Comments on Marcus Paige's play:
"He's played awfully well and he didn't play well tonight but he's played awfully well for us. 33 minutes, I wanted to take him out another time but didn't feel like I could without hurting everybody. He didn't shoot it as well tonight as he has been shooting it but we've got to give him some more help too. Our two best shooters go two for fifteen from the three-point line. That's not very good."

Comments on Leslie McDonald's technical foul:
"I have no problem with what the officials did. If we don't have three guys that can go look at it on tape in slow motion and everything and come out of it with the right call then we're really in bad shape so I didn't have any complaints. I saw an extra wiggle there at the end and to be honest with you I couldn't tell if it was Leslie or was Cavanaugh. They said when they looked at it on tape it looked like that Leslie had a non-contact technical which I'm guessing it's what they said.

"I was not disappointed when they went to the tape because I think it gives them a better chance to get it and I thought one of Wake Forest's players left the bench and was out on the court. I had zero problems with them looking at the tape. Our guys on the staff were saying they had a guy out on the court that left the bench area so I had no problem looking at it because I thought it might help us but the best part is that they got the facts of what went on."

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