Florida Transfer Speaks to UNC

Ian Silberman was set to transfer from Florida to Louisville. However, once Charlie Strong decided to leave for Texas, Silberman elected to reevaluate his next college move.

Shortly after Silberman opened up his "recruitment," North Carolina assistant coach Chris Kapilovic contacted the coaches at Orange Park (Fla.) Fleming Island High School, who eventually passed Kapilovic's phone number to Silberman.

On Sunday night, Silberman, a 6-foot-5, 303-pound offensive lineman, called Kapilovic.

"We just had a quick conversation," Silberman said. "He just wanted to see what was going on at Florida and why I decided to leave. And he wanted to see my interest level in North Carolina and if I could see myself at Carolina. And he wanted to see what I'm looking for in my next college."

Silberman is not publicly speaking about the circumstances that led to his transfer from Florida.

Silberman says he's "very interested" in UNC.

"I've looked at them the past couple of years and they've proven that they can hang with these other teams and put guys into the next level," Silberman said. "Also, they have a very prestigious academic institution."

Silberman has one year of eligibly remaining. Since he has graduated from Florida, he will be eligible to play during the 2014 season for whatever school he chooses.

"[Kapilovic] told me there's a very good opportunity for playing time," Silberman said. "He said they have a lot of good guys at Carolina. He said I could come in and play tackle or guard. It just depends on how I fit in and what they need."

Silberman, who doesn't have a preference between tackle and guard, has primarily played guard during his Florida career. After enrolling at Florida in January '10, he appeared in 20 games, including seven starts.

Originally, Silberman had planned to enroll at Louisville this spring. With his return to the drawing board, he now won't enroll in a school until the first summer semester.

In the meantime, Silberman will return home to train and finish taking his official visits. Previously, he had only officially visited Louisville. Thus, he has four official trips remaining.

Silberman doesn't have any official visits scheduled, but aims to take them during a school's spring practice so that he's able to see the coaching staff and team in action.

Silberman says that UNC will receive an official visit. He and Kapilovic discussed dates during their brief conversation.

Strong, a former Florida assistant coach, is what mainly attracted Silberman to Louisville. Despite Strong's departure, Louisville is still very much under consideration.

"I'm just waiting to see who they hire as the head coach," Silberman said.

"[Before], I was looking at Louisville and Boston College, because I was looking for a quick turnaround – get somewhere in the spring, learn the new offense, get back into the weight room, get back into the classroom. When Coach Strong decided to leave, that basically threw everything up in the air. "

Outside of the aforementioned schools, Silberman won't reveal what schools he's considering or been in contact with. But he said that he has discussed visit dates with schools other than UNC.

"I'm wide open to whoever is coming at me right now," Silberman said.

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