UNC-UM: Roy Williams Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and a transcript of head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC's loss to Miami on Wednesday.

Opening Comments:

"Well, it was not a good night for us to say the least. We had a very disappointing night Sunday night and this is exactly like it. Very disappointing. We did not do a very good job, and when I say ‘we' I mean everybody, including the head coach.

"First three or four minutes it was easy because we were running up and down the court. We didn't get stops after that and all of the sudden our running game stopped, and then it got much harder. They did a nice job in their zone. We did not do a good job in our movement. That's all we worked on the last couple of days, but I've got to do a better job.

"When you go to school here and you coach here as an assistant and you come back and coach here, it's a feeling of ownership, and it's a feeling of pride. And right now I'm not doing a very good job with this basketball team, and that's the hardest thing there is that I've ever had to say.

"We have wonderful kids in that locker room. We're not playing very well right now. We're not doing the little things that help us out a great deal. Even down the stretch when it was a two-possession game to have two turnovers in a row. We had a couple of silly turnovers, and you can't do those kinds of things. You could look at a thousand things and point out a thousand reasons why it came like it did, but the bottom line is Miami played better than we did. Their coach coached better than I did.

"I have, as I said, great kids in that locker room, and we're going to keep going to work every day, and we're going to try and practice as hard as we can and try to do a better job. Miami came in 0-2, and it was a great win for them. That's what I told some of the kids. That's a great win because you don't want to be 0-3. The bottom line is that we've got to do something better the next game or we're going to be faced with that same thing.

"I do feel mentally probably worse than I've ever felt as a head coach right now. And that also shows what a blessed life I've had, but I've got good kids. I've got to do a better job with them."

You mentioned their zone - was lack of motion the primary issue?

"It's a lot of things. I think our motion, our movement wasn't very consistent. It wasn't very intelligent movement. Then we'd sort of pass and stand still for a second instead of moving immediately. We had some good looks and didn't make them. They had seven blocked shots. We had some things around the rim and they made it tough for us. So I think it was really a little of everything.

"We're limited in the number of people who can make three-point shots, so I still want to get the ball inside and then if it comes back out that's fine. But it wasn't a very good game for us offensively."

Is there anything you can pinpoint as to what's gone wrong for Marcus (Paige) the last two games?

"I don't know, he's such a wonderful kid. I asked him the other day in practice, yesterday or the day before, I said, ‘Sunday night, am I playing you too many minutes? Is it stamina? Were you hurt? Or is it just a bad game?' He said, ‘No, Coach, it wasn't that. It was a terrible game. I just played terrible.' He's one of the most responsible kids -- he has more accountability than just about any kid I've ever coached. If I were to go in there to him right now and say it, he'd say the same thing. But maybe I have played him too many minutes.

"As a coach right now, the last two games, you start questioning everything you do from silly stuff like what coat you wear to what kind of defense you're playing. I don't know the answer to this. The best thing is if I knew the answer I'd have already changed it."

Do you see the players doubting themselves, questioning themselves?

"There's no question we're feeling the stress - you do that at North Carolina. You're not supposed to lose. ... Our kids are feeling the stress and I've got to make sure we don't feel sorry for ourselves. We've got to keep competing."

Do you have a comment about the CNN story?

"... The University released a statement and I agree with that. I believe it's untrue, it's totally unfair.

"I'm really proud of the kids we've brought in here, I'm really proud of what our student-athletes have done. That's not fair. I've been here 10 recruiting classes and we haven't brought in anybody like that. We've had one senior since I've been here that did not graduate.

"Anybody can make any statement they want to make, but that's not fair. The University of North Carolina doesn't do that. The University of North Carolina doesn't stand for that. I don't believe it's true and I'm really, really bothered by the whole thing. People have beaten up on us for a while, but we're going to survive this.

"I'm really proud of my kids. Anybody that says anything like that, that's not right. ... I know what the program's been for 100 years. Every one of the kids we've recruited for 10 years you'd take home with you and let you guard their grandchildren. I'm really proud of my kids."

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