Daly Finished Looking at Others

North Carolina did nothing but improve its chances with Corbin Daly during his official visit over the weekend.

"They're really high up there," the U.S. Army All-American said. "I honestly don't feel like looking at any other school."

Daly admitted that UNC was likely the school he would end up enrolling at this summer as a preferred walk-on. However, the 6-foot-3, 195-pound punter from Charlotte (N.C.) Ardrey Kell, hasn't actually given the Tar Heels coaching staff his verbal commitment.

"I want to go home and think about it more," Daly said. "My mom wants to come back up in a couple weeks and talk to Coach [Larry] Fedora more in-depth. My mom didn't come with me – she had a hip replacement and was still recovering from that."

Originally, Daly had planned to look into both Clemson and South Carolina. He says now those plans are on hold.

"My focus is getting my mom on campus and then I'll go from there," Daly said. "I know that I'll get a great education at UNC, but she definitely wants to make sure I'll get all the support that I'll need because UNC is a tough school. So wants to make sure that – with football – I'll be able to keep good grades."

In the meantime, Gunter Brewer, who is recruiting Daly for UNC, will have an in-home visit with Daly and his mother on Monday night.

"He's pretty much coming for my mom," Daly said. "He wants me to be there, but he's pretty much focused in on here."

Daly attended the official visit with his teammate and close friend Kyle Murphy, a long snapper who has already accepted a preferred walk-on spot with the Tar Heels.

"I really enjoyed it," Daly said. "We just toured around the whole school. We stayed, pretty much, in the football facilities, we toured that in-depth. And then [on Sunday] we toured the whole school."

Thomas Moore, UNC's placekicker, served as Daly's player host for the weekend.

"He's a really great guy," Daly said. "I really enjoyed hanging out with him. We talked about the main things that they do at practice, like how UNC cares about special teams like really in-depth, which is good because some colleges I've seen don't care as much."

Along those lines, Fedora delivered some interesting news to Daly about who would be coaching UNC's punters.

"As of right, we really don't have anybody to coach punters," Daly said. "So, Coach Fedora said that he would step up and take it, because he runs punt return. So he said he would take punt, as well. I really like it. He's a great guy who will push me to my limits."

The past couple of season, Luke Paschall, a graduate assistant who recently left for Arkansas State, had been coaching the punters for UNC.

In addition to lots of touring, Daly had an individual meeting with Fedora.

"He told me that he still really, really wants me," Daly said. "He told me that he has no doubts that I could come in and take the starting job, because he has a lot of faith in me. That meant a lot to me."

A three-year starter at punter, Daly averaged 48 yards on 49 punts as a senior. Of those 49, he dropped 11 inside the 10-yard line and 23 inside the 20. Daly was named to the 2013 Associated Press All-State team.

Corbin Daly

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