Perry: 'I Was Ready To Be A Tar Heel'

The Tar Heels wanted to add one more wide receiver to their 2014 recruiting class and did that by getting Devin Perry's pledge over the weekend. The Memphis (Tenn.) University School standout talked with about his decision ...

Take me through your verbal commitment.

"It just hit me when I sat down and talked to Coach [Larry] Fedora. Just talking to him and feeling a good vibe from him. Trusting in him and being able to talk to him about being a part of the North Carolina family, it definitely really just hit me that I wanted to be there."

What was Fedora's reaction?

"He was just generally happy. He was just pretty glad that I committed and I was ready to be there. I think he saw the look in my eyes that I was ready to be a North Carolina Tar Heel."

Ultimately, what sold you on UNC?

"This is my second time getting back to North Carolina and I was just happy to be back and finally get around to hanging out with some players and be with the coaches. This is really what sealed the deal for me and wanted me to be a Tar Heel. Just being able to see the academic section of it of the school, as well as more of the academic section, being able to be around the guys and the coaches more, that's what really made me want to commit there."

Initially, your plan was to officially visit TCU. Also, you had some interest in Vanderbilt. What's the status with that?

"I think both of those visits are off right now. I'm 100-percent a Tar Heel and not really trying to go anywhere else."

How does it feel to make the commitment?

"It's a little bittersweet. The whole process was long, but it was still a great process to be a part of. And not many people get this opportunity that I have to go through this process. I'm just glad that I finally found a home."

What did you do throughout your official visit?

"I just hung out with the coaches and my host and his roommate. I just had a good time with those guys talking about the school. They really sold me how it would be a good fit and I really think it will be a good fit for me."

Who was your player host and what was it like spending time with him?

"Jordan Fieulleteau. It was just a great time being with him and being around some of the other guys —they're great people and real positive influences on me. They told me things that I need to know about the school – dos and don'ts. They were just being really genuine about the whole thing."

What was it like spending an entire weekend with Gunter Brewer, your future position coach?

"He's just a fun guy to be around, but also serious when it comes to the academic and athletic side of things. He just really showed me the ropes around the school. It was just a great time being around Coach Brewer. He's a great guy."

Speaking of Brewer, what role did he play in your decision to commit?

"He played a big role, because we have family ties. Me being able to trust Coach Brewer as my dad trusted his dad, it just went a long way with me. He's already a generally great guy."

Have you and your father discussed the unique a situation you're now in – you'll be coached by Brewer, whose father coached your father?

"Yes sir. We've both said it's pretty crazy. It's actually pretty funny. That really doesn't happen very often. But either way, it's still a great situation I'm in. I'm just glad to know Coach Brewer and be a part of the North Carolina family."

Have the UNC coaches discussed how you fit within the offense?

"They feel as though I can blow the top off the coverage and just use my speed as a weapon – deep go routes and post routes. They just want me to use my speed to make big plays on the field."

Was there any discussion about UNC's future offensive coordinator?

"No sir."

What was it like attending your first UNC basketball game, the victory over Boston College on Saturday?

"That was a great experience. I knew the basketball environment would be insane, but to see it in person is unreal. That was just a great game to be at. That crowd was into it, the players played a great game – it was just a great environment overall."

Your father accompanied you to Fedora's Freak Show, but your official trip was your mother's first visit to UNC. What were her impressions?

"This was my mom's first time in [the state of] North Carolina. She absolutely loved it. She loved it, because she saw so much of the [high] school that I'm in right now, MUS. She just saw so many similarities between MUS and North Carolina. And she just knew I'd be a fit there. And she absolutely loved it."

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