Errol Hood: A matter of confidence, Part II

Hood talks about the offense, the receivers, and special teams.

IC: Are Coach [Gary] Tranquill's schemes a lot different than you have seen in the past?


EH: Actually, in some sense they are not because they run a lot of the receiver sets which Coach [Mike] O'Cain had, in another sense, the running schemes are a lot better.  His system is a lot more direct. 


Sometimes last year it would be third-and-California, and we would call a draw – Coach Tranquill, he is going to go get it.  He will throw a bomb in a heartbeat. 


IC: Any of the newcomers impressed you?


EH: Yes, Chris Curry, he has made a couple of big plays.  Chris Hawkins, in the future he is going to be a great cornerback.  You can just tell, he has got the attitude.   He is just lacking experience and technique.


IC: Have you gone against Harry Lewis, the freshman?


EH: Not a lot, but he has gone in with the "ones" a couple of times.  He has got a quick first step, he has a knack for the ball, he can come across the middle and he is not afraid to catch the ball. 


IC: What is the potential of this year's team?


EH: I think we have a great opportunity to go to a bowl game.  I would love to play for the national championship, but I am a person that sets short-range goals. You win the first game, then you play the next game.  Our main goal is to win the first game.  Our second goal is to win the ACC Championship. 


I think that in the years to come this program is going to be up there with the top ten teams.


IC: I believe you play on special teams as well.  How has the emphasis on special teams changed?


EH: Obviously they [the new staff] puts much more emphasis on special teams, because last year's special teams cost us a couple of ball games. We practice specials teams every day.  The first part of practice is special teams and the last part of practice is specials teams. In two-a-days, that means four times a day, and then we meet about it.  There is a great emphasis on special teams.


IC: Who is the toughest receiver to cover on the UNC team?


EH: I would say Bosley, but it depends on what route you are talking about. Because I would say Kory for the short routes, because Kory is the sneakiest receiver.  He will dip and dive, and he will always get me with little fake out and go in.  But Bosley on the deep route.  I think Bosley has a chance to be one of Carolina's greatest receivers. 


He can catch anything.  If it is near him, it is caught, like Na' Brown.  Plus Bosley is a big play receiver, he can turn a five-yard route into an eighty-yard touchdown – and Kory is the same way. 


Kory has gained a step since last season.  But it has a lot to do with confidence. 

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