'Great' Visit for Bell

In spite of his late arrival, Corey Bell thoroughly enjoyed North Carolina's Junior Day on Saturday.

"It was great as far as talking to all the coaches and players," Bell said. "It was probably one of the better visits I've had."

The visit did nothing but improve the Tar Heels' chances with Bell, a 5-foot-9, 159-pound cornerback from Cornelius (N.C.) Hough.

"It actually helped a lot," Bell said. "Like I said, it was probably one of my better visits overall, anywhere. It was great. It was a definite plus."

Bell says that UNC remains deadlocked with Duke, because he hasn't taken a visit to Duke yet.

Originally, Bell was aiming to make a verbal commitment in March. He now is eyeing April or May to give him more time to take additional visits. In addition to Duke and UNC, Bell has discussed visit dates with Virginia Tech.

Specifically, Bell says Saturday's visit to Chapel Hill was so great because of the one-on-one time he received with the UNC coaches. For most of his time on campus, he was shadowed by Gunter Brewer, his primary recruiter.

"We talked about a lot of things, but we also talked about setting up another visit and when to come back," Bell said. "He wants me to come back for spring ball so I can see practice and actually how football works at in Chapel Hill."

Bell also plans to return for UNC's basketball game against Duke on Feb. 12.

Shortly after arriving, Bell and his father sat down with Larry Fedora in his office for a meeting.

"We talked about a lot of things," Bell said. "There really wasn't anything specific like playing time. We were just talking about their history, as far as sending guys to the NFL and how they didn't have anything to do with it because it was up to you and your mindset. And also, he mentioned that they might send guys to the NFL, but you also have to remember there's 15 more that graduated that don't get drafted that go into the work force. So you've got to focus on your study period."

Bell also met individually with Dan Dish, UNC's cornerbacks coach.

"We just talked about him and my play, and how he liked me," Bell said. "And we talked about what I would be as far as a field corner or boundary corner. He talked about how he liked my coverage skills and he would probably have me in the field, because that's where they put their better cover guys at."

The Junior Day culminated with the Tar Heels' basketball team's romping of NC State.

"It was fun, because I've never been to a college basketball game before," Bell said. "So it was pretty fun watching and seeing how the game compares to a football game.

"It was packed. There were all types of people – young and old. It just showed that they have a great supporting fan base all over the place."

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