Signee Quotables: Future Teammates

After sending in their National Letter of Intent to the Kenan Football Center on Wednesday, Tar Heel signees spoke with Inside Carolina ...

What member of the 2014 signing class are you most looking forward to playing with and why?

Cameron Albright

"I would say I'm most looking forward to playing with Ty Tomlin for the simple fact that I've played against him the last three years and I've seen him make plays against my team. He's a high motor guy that makes a lot of plays. It's going to be good that he's working for me than against me."

Ayden Bonilla

"Cameron Albright. We live like ten minutes away from each other. We'll probably be with each other a lot in this spring, because we're going to be working out with each other. That's the guy I'm closest with. He'll probably be the guy that I'll room with and we both play the same position."

Josh Cabrera

"I'd say Austin Proehl, because we're both receivers but we bring different things. So I'm looking forward to working with him."

Jeremiah Clarke

"I guess I've got to say I look forward to playing with M.J. Stewart the most. I say M.J. Stewart, because I know he's in the same state as me and I've seen him play before but I just want to see him on the defensive side of the ball. He's explosive. I want to see how he progresses. And I'm looking forward to playing with him."

Cayson Collins

"It would be ‘Dink' [Robert Dinkins], honestly. That's my best friend. Seeing him the entire year and actually getting a chance to play against him, it made me actually respect his game a whole lot more. Him and I playing in the Shrine Bowl on the same side of the ball was kind of fun. I can't wait for that to be an everyday type thing."

Robert Dinkins

"Cayson Collins all day. We've been friends for so long and we talk a lot of junk. It will be good to play with one of my closest friends – and really he's like my brother. So it's always been like a dream of ours [to play together]. We played together at the Shrine Bowl, but we were on the field at different times."

Freeman Jones:

"I'm going to go Bentley Spain, because he's just so goofy I can't understand how he can be mad and big and bad [on the football field] but he's just a big old Teddy Bear."

Austin Proehl

"If I had to say one person, it probably would have to be Elijah [Hood] just because when you think of [Charlotte] Catholic, you think of Elijah Hood. There's no other thoughts you have in your mind – Catholic equals Elijah Hood. Being in their conference and playing them the past three years, it's always been the game plan that in order to win the game we had to stop Elijah Hood. Him and I have always talked about how we can't wait to join forces."

Caleb Samuel

"I'm pretty close with Tyler [Powell]. He's a cool guy. He plays defense [and] I'm going to be playing offense. I'm excited to play against him in practice."

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