Signee Quotables: Staff Stories

After sending in their National Letter of Intent to the Kenan Football Center on Wednesday, Tar Heel signees spoke with Inside Carolina ...

What's your funniest story from your recruitment about a UNC coach?

Cameron Albright

"For my in-home visit with Coach Fedora, he and Coach Koenning came up. Coach Koenning was telling a story about a coach who got hired at Illinois and only spent one day on the job because of the weather and how bad the snow and wind was. And when he told me who the guy was, he told me it was Coach Fedora."

Ayden Bonilla

"When Coach Fedora and Coach Koenning came to my house for my in-home visit, I was driving in my neighborhood and I'm going up a hill. I see a car just stop in the middle of the road. I drove by it and gave that person a mean look. And I noticed it was actually Coach Koenning and Coach Fedora. I told them that I thought they were like an old lady that was lost."

Jeremiah Clarke

"I had an at-school visit with Coach Fedora and I had a pair of camo pants on that he wasn't too fond of. He starting laughing and we were joking about it in the office. He said ‘You might not catch me wearing a pair of those, but they're pretty stylish.'"

Cayson Collins

"I'd have to say on my official when Coach Fedora was out on the basketball court with the football team. He was talking about this past year and he referenced the Drake song, ‘Started from the Bottom Now We're Here.' I thought that was kind of funny."

Robert Dinkins

"Coach Brewer, he came to my school one morning and this was just a regular check. Usually, he doesn't call me before – usually he just shows up and I get called to the office – but the night before he called me. He said ‘Dink, I'm coming out' and he told me to be there a little early. I was running late – I can't remember why. As I was pulling in the parking lot, he called my phone and he just started cursing me out. He was saying, ‘Dinkins, get your butt in here. You're late.' I came running into the office and he cursed me out in the office. It was the first time I've ever seen that side of him. I felt like I was actually already in Chapel Hill and I was actually playing for him.'"

Freeman Jones:

"When Coach Jordan was here, he came into my house and he sat down with the family. We were just sitting on the couch in the living room and we're just talking. And then a few minutes later, he just stopped and started looking around the room. He realized that we have a bunch of mountings and taxidermies. We have a bunch of deer, ducks, and fish, a swan, and we have a turkey. He just said, ‘Hold up, hold up. What's going on here?' He was like, ‘This is ya'll's?' I think he was just surprised. And normally it's the first thing that everybody notices, but it took him a while."

Austin Proehl

"We were sitting there at Ruth's Chris on my official. Me and Ryan Switzer are sitting next to each other, and Coach Brewer is right beside him. Coach Brew goes [to Switzer], ‘Hey, why don't you try one of these onion rings?' Switz goes, ‘Oh, those are onion rings? Man, I'll try some.' So he eats one and is like ‘Man, that is good. Those are really good onion rings.' We're all going with it. I even said, ‘Hey, can you pass me one of those onion rings?' We go the whole dinner like that. And then finally we leave. After we get into the car with Khris Francis and Mitch Trubisky, I'm sitting there and say ‘Switz, you know those weren't onion rings?' He goes, ‘Shut up.' I go, ‘Bro, that was calamari.' He goes, ‘You've got to be kidding me? Are you serious?' I said, ‘Brew was messing with you the whole time.' He says, ‘I hate calamari.'"

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