Signee Quotables: Recruiting Memories

After sending in their National Letter of Intent to the Kenan Football Center on Wednesday, Tar Heel signees spoke with Inside Carolina ...

When you look back at your recruitment in the years to come, what moment will stick out the most to you? Cameron Albright

"[My most memorable moment was] committing at the Freak Show with all the coaches in the stadium. As far as I know, I don't think anybody else committed in such a way. That's going to stick with me for a long time. Just seeing the look on the faces of Coach [Larry] Fedora, Coach [Vic] Koenning, and Coach [Walt] Bell – that meant a lot."

Ayden Bonilla

"The first time I went to North Carolina during the spring practice, I got to see the whole campus and the basketball facility. I'm a big time Michael Jordan fan – he's my idol. Seeing his jersey and taking a picture there, that was amazing."

Josh Cabrera

"I really just enjoyed my time with the guys and getting to know everyone, especially on my official visit. But every time I've visited there I enjoyed my time with the guys. I bonded with most all of them, but there are three of them I talk to on a regular basis – Robert Dinkins, Austin Proehl, Freeman Jones."

Jeremiah Clarke

"I'm just going to remember the whole recruitment as a whole – all the visits, all the people I've met, the coaches, the recruits. No one moment really sticks out – other than all those long drives. The whole recruiting experience is what I'm going to remember."

Robert Dinkins

"My official visit. I don't really pay too much attention to the media, so I didn't know a lot of guys at Carolina. I knew a handful. But just to hang out with them those two nights – I had some of the best times with those guys. It was ridiculous. I'll never forget that. It was just amazing. To know that all the guys that I'm hanging with I'm going to be with the next three or four or five years is great. I loved it. Some of those guys I talk to every day now."

Freeman Jones:

"When I look back on my recruitment, I'm just going to think about how easy it was. From the first time I ever stepped foot on Carolina's campus I was surprised by how much I loved it, because I was a State fan. It was just so easy and smooth, because from Day One it felt like home. There was never any other option – Carolina was where I wanted to go."

Austin Proehl

"I'm always going to remember when I committed. I had a good showing at the Freak Show. At the time, they didn't have an offer for me. I wanted to go to Carolina, because I loved Coach [Gunter Brewer] and I loved the coaching staff… I came close to committing to Virginia Tech, because they offered me but I told Coach Brewer ‘You know where I want to be, but I don't have an offer from you guys.' He said, ‘Just trust me.' He came up with the offer and I committed."

Caleb Samuel

"The first time I went to camp, I was planning on going to Duke's football camp, because I got the invitation in the mail. And when I went to register, Duke was already full – my mom was mad too. So I looked and said ‘Hey, North Carolina has a one-day camp.' My mom was like ‘I'm not going to North Carolina for just one day.' So then I was like, ‘Alright, they have another one-day camp the next day.' So I did that – I went to two one-day camps back-to-back – because it was in the same area. So it's funny that I was trying to go to Duke and now I'm signed with North Carolina."

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