Forums Outage - Tuesday 10pm Update

Due to technical issues with Scout's servers, the forums went offline Monday evening. Scout's tech team brought them back online on Tuesday, though some issues remained.

When trying to access the forums during the outage, visitors received a "Planned System Maintenance" message, but this wasn't a scheduled maintenance.

Scout's tech support team told us late Monday that the servers would be back up and running on Tuesday morning, though problems that occurred overnight during restoration changed that timeline.

On Tuesday at 2 p.m., they came back online. However, it was immediately evident that problems remained with functionality and the posting database. Those irregularities continued into the evening, but appeared to be improving late Tuesday as servers were rebooted and synched.

Posts made throughout the day on Monday and during the outage on Tuesday were lost amid the server problems.

The main site remains unaffected.

As a result of the new and improved server system hardware in place, each forum will no longer be limited to 20 pages of threads.

We apologize for this inconvenience and thanks for your patience while it's being resolved.

- The IC Staff

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