Night to Remember for Hines

Accompanied by his father and twin sister, Nyheim Hines attended North Carolina's Junior Day last week.

"I didn't know what to expect going in," Hines said. "But when I got there and saw some of the events that we had to do, it was great and something I'm going to always remember."

Despite those positive remarks, Hines is still approaching recruiting with an open mind. A dozen schools have offered him – with Virginia Tech the latest – and he says he's considering each equally. He plans to announce his top five or six schools in August or September.

As for UNC's Junior Day, Hines enjoyed the theme.

"It felt like I was in Hollywood," Hines said. "I don't really know how that feels, but every time I've watched Inside Edition it felt just like that. We were dropped off on a golf cart to a Blue carpet.

"And then there was a media part where we were in a press conference. They picked me second [to answer questions]. They asked me two really hard questions – it was interesting. Some of the questions were probably questions that they actually had for us. And then other questions were superstar questions. It was great to see how people handled themselves differently.

"You could tell [UNC] put time and effort into everything that they did."

More than any previous visit to the school, Hines said he spent a lot of time with members of the UNC coaching staff. Specifically, that meant primary recruiter Ron West. West even sat with Hines and his family during the UNC-Duke basketball game.

"We just talked about school," Hines said. "I talked to him about my pre-calc problems, because I missed two days. We just talked to him about academics and school."

Speaking of pre-calc, a quiz in that class the following Friday forced Hines to leave the basketball game early – before UNC made its comeback that ultimately led to victory.

"I watched some of the game on the way home and I was upset I wasn't there, but obviously school comes first," Hines said.

Despite his early departure, Hines enjoyed the basketball game.

"It was crazy," Hines said. "I had never been to a Carolina-Duke game, so it was a pretty good first game to go to. Carolina was shooting horrible at the free throw line. But it was great to see it live. We stood up the whole game."

During the visit, Hines met UNC's newly hired running backs coach, Larry Porter.

"He's a funny guy," Hines said. "I was with Bryce [Love] and Johnny Frasier, and we all just joked around with him. He was really fun to hang around with for the time we were with him."

Hines says he's being recruited as both a running back and A-back by UNC.

Also, Hines had several conversations with Larry Fedora.

"We just talked," Hines said. "We talked about life and how I can be used in the offense. He talked to my dad more than myself."

Hines's twin sister, Nyah, is considering running track at UNC. She met the women's track coach that night.

"It would be nice [to attend the same school], but we're going to go wherever we both can be successful," Hines said. "Hopefully, it's at the same school."

Understanding that dynamic, UNC has made a concerted effort to recruit Nyah.

"Every time they meet her, the coaches treat her great," Hines said. "Whenever the coaches talk to me, Nyah is usually there with me. She has met Coach Fedora just as many times as I have. So that will have an effect on my decision and how she likes the track coaches."

On Saturday, Hines visited Duke. That stay included a film session, watching spring practice, campus tour with senior running back Josh Snead, and the basketball game against Syracuse.

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