UNC-ND: Roy Williams Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and a transcript of head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC's win over Notre Dame on Monday.

Opening Comments:

"Well, it's really a weird feeling. I wish I could explain it to you better than saying that. But you out there and you're so frustrated and you feel like things are just not going your way.

"Think about this - there were two jump balls called. One of them with two seconds on the shot clock and the other one with one second on the shot clock and both were going to be our possessions. That makes you think that things aren't going that well for you at that moment.

"We held them defensively for quite awhile there and we couldn't throw it in the ocean ourselves on the offensive end. First five or six minutes in the second half I thought we got great shots, but we couldn't make anything. The first time this year down the stretch when we really needed some free throws we missed a bunch of those as well. Early in the season we missed a lot of free throws early in the games but recently we've made a bunch of them down the stretch, and we kept giving them opportunities.

"I thought that Eric Atkins was sensational, and I thought Pat was really tough, tough taking the ball to the basket on us. Seven for 13 from him. 17 points and 13 rebounds. To me, Notre Dame is very unlucky. I even told Mike, I said 'we were the lucky team tonight.' Sometimes you like to have that. I'd like to play really well and be lucky both because then you can really win some big-time games.

"Senior night is always emotional to me. I think it's emotional for Leslie because he didn't have the kind of game that he's had recently. He was dribbling the ball and stepping out of bounds and charging the guy and a lot of different things there. Those four seniors have meant a lot to us. As Leslie said, five years, he's been around quite awhile and suffered through a lot of stuff. I just feel very lucky, I guess. Lucky and weird - that's all I can tell you. I'd like to be more intelligent."

What concerns have been raised by the recent performances?

"Everything. Everything. I told them in the locker room and I said on Saturday, ‘to have a really good year you have to win some games ugly. I'm tired of wining games ugly.' It's better than losing games ugly. I really thought that we'd have a tremendous sense of urgency today. We played so much harder in practice yesterday than we did in the game today. We learned those lessons early in the season but we've let them slip by us these last couple of games. But you got to give Notre Dame credit. They were down 14 and came right out the start of the second half and did what they wanted to do and made shots and we were ugly."

Brice Johnson struggled for parts of the game but hit a big shot late. How has he developed offensively this year?

"Very slowly recently. Let's be honest. That was a big basket for him, for us. James Michael gave us the lead, Nate made two in there, J.P. made one, Brice made one. But that was a big basket. Brice, nobody wants him to play better than he does and he's been struggling quite a bit lately. I told him today that I was hoping the real Brice would show up. Brice is not a 4-for-9 shooter, but he made one big one for us at the end. Could have had a three-point play but he missed the free throw.

You've talked so much about 'sense of urgency.' Is there a danger in a 12-game winning streak to get a sense of complacency again?

"I think so. I don't know if that's what it is, I keep telling them 'we haven't accomplished anything. We've got some big-time dreams and big-time goals and the only way you're going to reach those is to invest more.' I've got a wonderful group of kids. You've seen them bounce back from a 1-4 start. That hit me really hard when somebody said it was the first time in the history of North Carolina Basketball that they've been 1-4 in conference play. And Roy Williams is the head coach - I didn't like that. But they really bounced back, played some inspired basketball, did have a tremendous sense of urgency ...

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