Mollette Moves Up Timetable

Juval Mollette has moved up his verbal commitment timetable.

"I was going to wait until my senior year – like until Signing Day," Mollette said. "But I'd rather play it safe because I might get hurt. And I think it would be good to go ahead and commit a little bit earlier. "

Mollette, a 6-foot-4, 187-pound wide receiver from Randleman (N.C.), is now eyeing a spring or summer decision.

"I'm going to visit a couple more colleges and attend a couple more camps to see what I like," Mollette said. "And then I'll commit after that."

This Saturday, Mollette is scheduled to visit Clemson. He's in the process of setting up a spring visit to Tennessee and is considering similar trips to Florida, Florida State, and Michigan. This summer he plans to camp at Clemson and attend Fedora's Freak Show.

Mollette doesn't have a leader, but says a group of seven schools are sticking out – Clemson, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio State, Tennessee, and Virginia Tech.

"They're good programs, they have good coaches, and all of those schools tend to talk to me a lot," Mollette said. "They let me know that they want me to come to their schools."

Mollette possesses scholarship offers from all seven aforementioned schools, plus eight others. About a week ago, Ole Miss and West Virginia became his newest offers.

Mollette has visited UNC more than any other school – too many times for him to count, in fact. Also, it's the only school he has visited since the end of the football season – and he visited it twice unintentionally.

When the UNC staff invited him to its February junior day, which was accompanied by the UNC-Duke basketball game, Mollette wanted to share the experience with his friend Justin.

"I always told Justin that I'd take him to a Duke-Carolina game," Mollette said. "… We were pretty happy about going, but then it started snowing."

In spite of the snow, Randleman's head coach Shane Handy, who drives an SUV with four-wheel drive, told Mollette that he'd still take him to the game if he still wanted to go. Mollette phoned Chris Kapilovic who had just check with UNC's athletic director and was just told that the game was still on. Thus, Mollette and his crew were on their way.

Five minutes away from UNC, Mollette learned through Twitter that the game was postponed. Thus, he decided to continue with their voyage and spend extra time with the UNC staff.

"I've never seen Carolina that deserted," Mollette said. "There were like cars on the sides of the roads and stuff. We were up there with one other recruit, [Brian Chaffin].

"They already had all the food out, so we ate. And then we watched a little film with Coach [Gunter] Brewer."

With much better weather conditions, Mollette returned to Chapel Hill a week later for the Duke-Carolina makeup date.

"We parked in the Bell Tower [Parking Lot] and got onto the golf cart," Mollette said. "When I got off the golf cart, there were two guys there and they were acting like interviewers. They were asking me questions and talking about my shoes and they were asking me to hashtag what I thought was going to happen tonight –in Twitter language. And then afterwards, I walked down the [Carolina] Blue carpet. And then I went and saw Coach [Larry] Fedora, because he was standing at the door. I shook his hand... There were a bunch of people inside – like a bunch of ambassadors. I was shaking all their hands and then I took pictures with Rameses and Coach Brewer. And then I took a picture with the Belk Bowl Championship [Trophy]."

The night was capped with the long-awaited UNC-Duke basketball game. Mollette has attended UNC basketball games in the past, but this was his first UNC-Duke contest.

"At a UNC-Duke basketball game, I swear Carolina fans never sit down," Mollette said with a laugh. "We basically stood up the whole game. We stood out in the hallway and the Duke players ran by us."

After UNC pulled out the victory, Mollette was among the sea of fans that stormed the court.

"It was fun, but it got hot and musty real fast," Mollette said with a laugh.

Mollette's two most recent visits to UNC were vastly different experiences.

"They definitely helped my decisions towards certain colleges," Mollette said. "That was probably the best visit I've been on. And it helped me think more about UNC."

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