Ratliff: 'I'm A Tar Heel Now'

Anthony Ratliff had North Carolina atop his list for awhile, but on Monday he decided there was no need to wait any longer to make a decision. The Matthews (N.C.) Butler quarterback called the UNC staff and gave them his commitment. Shortly thereafter, he talked to InsideCarolina.com ...

You said Sunday afternoon that UNC was your leader, so your decision to commit didn't exactly come out of nowhere. But what changed to lead to a commitment less than 24 hours later?

"I just decided I didn't want to wait anymore. This is where I want to be, so there was no point in waiting any longer and wasting time for another QB to jump in and take my spot. I can get a good education and it's where my home is. So I'm a Tar Heel now."

Did anything in particular occur to push you to commit?

"I talked with my parents, I talked with a couple of my close friends, and I talked with my coach."

On Sunday at the VTO Camp, UNC pledge Antonio Williams came up to you. What did he say?

"He just told me to be smart and take my time with the process. He just said to know where my heart's at and know where my mind's at and make the decision that is beneficial to me and my family."

Ultimately, what was it that sold you on UNC?

"It was the coaches and the home feeling. It's easy to go up to Carolina and feel at home and that's mostly what I was looking for in a school and that's what I found there. And also, there's a lot to build off of. There's a great foundation up there."

Quarterback commitments have historically aided their schools' recruiting efforts. Do you have any such plans?

"Oh yea. I plan on getting the ball rolling.

Do you have any targets in mind?

"Juval [Mollette] to give me a wide receiver. And whoever else Carolina is going after I'll definitely be getting in touch with."

How did you actually commit?

"I called Coach [Gunter] Brewer up. He was ecstatic."

Have you talked to Coach Larry Fedora?

"I haven't yet. They're on spring break. But I'm going to talk to him soon."

Speaking of Brewer, he started recruiting you really early. What impact did that have on you?

"With them coming in early and showing that they wanted me it definitely caught my eye, because not many schools were looking at a sophomore that hadn't really started a varsity game [at quarterback]. That gives me the drive knowing that nobody but them was thinking about me."

Where does UNC see you fitting into its quarterback depth chart?

"We talked about it in the past. Whenever they need me, I'll step in. My first goal is to go up there and learn the playbook and learn the system. After that, that's when it will all kick in and the football will come to me."

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