Exclusive interview with Josh Gattis

Josh Gattis, one of three standout Northern Durham players follows up with Inside Carolina. He indicates that he will announce his college choice by the end of August or the first of September.

Age: 17
Height: 6-2
Weight: 185
40-time: 4.3
Tackles: 110
Ints: 1
BP: 290

Inside Carolina (IC): Josh, thanks for joining us once again. Who are your current favorites?

Josh Gattis (JG): I like Wake, TN, UNC, ECU, Neb.

IC – Is there a favorite among the ones you have mentioned?

JG – Probably Wake

IC – What stands out about Wake?

JG – I like the new staff. I like the educational opportunities at a private school.

IC – Who is recruiting you from Wake?

JG – Coach Mullen the OL coach.

IC – Is there a particular major you are interested in?

JG – No, I haven't really decided yet.

IC – Which of your favorites have offered?

JG – All five of my favorites have offered.

IC – Which schools are recruiting you the hardest?

JG – Probably Wake, UNC, and ECU are recruiting me about the same.

IC – What are the most important things you consider when choosing a school?

JG – education, playing time, and fitting in.

IC – Did you have a favorite school growing up?

JG – Yes, I have always liked Duke.

IC – Because of their basketball or football or both.

JG – Pretty much just basketball.

IC – I noticed Duke was not one of your favorites. Any particular reason why?

JG – They haven't recruited me very hard and I like the others better.

IC – Does your family have a preference as to where you go?

JG – No, not really.

IC – Is distance a concern? Would it factor in deciding between Neb and a NC school?

JG – No, I wouldn't mind the distance.

IC – Do you plan to run track in college or just stick to football?

JG – I would like to be able to run track in college if the school would let me but football is my primary focus.

IC – What do you like about Carolina?

JG – I like the staff and the facilities are some of the best.

IC – Have you met the entire staff?

JG- Yes, I went to a 1-day camp and met all the coaches and demonstrated my skills.

IC – Have you scheduled any official visits yet?

JG – No not yet.

IC – AJ told me that you, he and James almost committed to Wake in April. Do you guys still talk about going to the same school?

JG – Yes we still talk about it.

IC – Do you look at the starting safeties for the teams you are considering to determine how early you might play?

JG – Yes and in fact I look at the entire roster.

IC – When do you think you will decide on your college choice?

JG – Probably the end of August or the first of September. I want to get the recruiting out of the way so I can concentrate on my schoolwork..





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