Bowman: 'North Carolina Was Home'

HAVELOCK, N.C. -- After Kyran Bowman placed the UNC hat on his head and announced his decision to commit to the Tar Heels, the Havelock High School wide receiver and his coach spoke to Inside Carolina ...

Why UNC?

"I liked North Carolina because it's close to home, it's the hometown school, and I liked the coaching staff and the school."

You've wanted to play both football and basketball in college. Have you talked to both coaches at UNC?

"I haven't talked to Roy [Williams], yet. I talked to Coach [Dan] Disch and Coach [Larry] Fedora. It's a good opportunity to be able to play both."

Have you thought about how difficult it will be to play both sports?

"No sir, because I've been doing it most of my life."

Why are you committing this early in the process?

"Because it's always where I wanted to go and I feel at home there."

You've been leaning towards UNC for a while, what changed that led you to commit?

"It's an opportunity to play both sports. That's one thing a lot of people don't get to do. It's just one of the best opportunities I'll get."

A lot of people assumed that you'd follow your older brother, Michael.

"We just both went our own ways. He felt like South Carolina was home and I felt North Carolina was home."

How much did you and your brother communicate throughout the whole process?

"Not a lot."

What affect did Disch have on your recruitment?

"My relationship with Coach Disch has been good. He came down a couple times and him and I have talked one-on-one. He's a good person to be around and he's chill. He knows what he's talking about."

What affect did UNC's February Junior Day have on your decision?

"The Duke basketball game made [UNC] go on top of all teams, because they showed a lot of interest in me and my brother being there."

Have you let the UNC coaches know about your decision?

"I'm going to let them know after this [press conference]."

Have you reached out to any of UNC's verbal commitments?

"I met [Anthony Ratliff] at the Duke-Carolina game. We sat by each other and we were just talking. He asked me what schools had offered me. I told him South Carolina, ECU, and North Carolina. And then he asked me if I had been to any big games and I told him the Auburn-Alabama game."


What advice did you provide Kyran?

"Coach [Caleb] King and I just told them to go to where they think best fits them. Kyran is a really good football player and a heck of a basketball player, too and will have a chance to go to North Carolina and play both football and basketball, which was a big deal for him."

How do you think Disch handled Kyran's recruitment?

"Coach Disch, in all honesty, is one of our favorite recruiters. He does a great job. I wish that two or three of our kids would have gone to North Carolina, but we don't ever push them to a school. If they have questions, we answer their questions. But we let them make the decision, because it's not us going to school, it's them. They have to ultimately spend the next four or five years at that school with that staff. But Coach Disch gets down on their level [and] hangs out with us.

"Coach [Larry] Fedora has down a great job. He comes in and the one day just talked football for about an hour. I'm glad that we've finally got a kid to North Carolina."

How do you feel Kyran fits into UNC's offense?

"I think he fits in really well. He's tall and thin right now, but he's a workout-aholic in the weight room and he's only had one full year in the weight room with us because he didn't play football as a freshman. This past year, as a sophomore, was his first year playing football in high school. His upside is tremendous. He's a phenomenal athlete. He has over a 35-inch vertical jump. He had a two- or three-inch growth spurt this year, so he really shot up. Once he grows into his body, I think he's going to be one of the best receivers to ever play here along with Pharoh [Cooper] and his brother Michael. He's going to be a heck of a player for Carolina."

What affect do you think Kyran's decision is going to have on teammate/classmate Keion Joyner?

"I think Keion is wide open right now. I think Keion wants to go through the recruiting process. So I don't think it's going to be a super early commitment for Keion. He's going down to LSU next week and then the week after he's going to visit Auburn. But I know he loves North Carolina, too. I would love to keep all our kids in-state and help our in-state schools. North Carolina has done a great job recruiting our kids so maybe they'll slide in and get Keion, too.

"Keion and Kyran are good friends. They play travel basketball together. They grew up together. They went to the same middle school and played together in football and basketball. Down in middle school, Kyran was the quarterback and Keion was a 6-2 receiver. So they're really close. I'm sure Kyran will be talking to Keion about the recruiting process."

Did you have any concerns when Kyran told you he wanted to commit so early in the process?

"I always tell the kids that if you're sure about where you want to go then go ahead and commit. I told them if you might a commitment somewhere, I want you to honor that commitment, because you would want that school to honor their offer to you.

"I think North Carolina has always been where Kyran has wanted to go ever since he was a young kid it's been a dream school for him. I think he's in the right place."

Kyran Bowman

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