UNC Moving Up for McGirt

For much of Saturday's North Carolina visit, Emanuel McGirt conversed with fellow visitors Shy Tuttle and Sterling Johnson. The trio shared positive thoughts about UNC, including the possibility of joining forces.

"We just talked about where we want to go [to college]," said McGirt, a 6-foot-5, 270-pound offensive tackle from Durham (N.C.) Hillside. "All three of us were saying that we're really high on Carolina and we could really see ourselves going there and we like it a lot."

Their conversations eventually morphed into forming an alliance and committing to UNC together.

"Afterwards, me, Juval [Mollette], Shy, Sterling, and Jalen [Dalton] talked about Carolina and how we can see ourselves there and how we could build a dynasty," McGirt said. "We were saying how the class of 2015 is really important for UNC."

With all that said, it shouldn't be a surprise that McGirt lists UNC as his co-leader following Saturday's visit.

"The visit definitely did ‘Wow' me," McGirt said. "I can probably say that UNC and NC State probably lead for me beyond others. I think it's because of the relationships with the coaches and I've visited both places a lot and I can really see myself there more so than others."

Duke, Miami, and South Carolina complete McGirt's top five. He's eyeing a verbal commitment in June or July.

Saturday's practice revolved around UNC's spring practice, where McGirt paid special attention to Chris Kapilovic, the Tar Heels' offensive line coach.

"He's a fiery coach," McGirt said. "He's loud. It's good that he gets on his players but at the same time he makes them better. He's a good teacher, also. I can see myself playing under him after [Saturday]. And I can really fit inside the system and playing offensive tackle and learning from guys like Bentley Spain."

After practice, McGirt and Kapilovic talked in his office.

"We talked about a timetable [for a decision]," McGirt said. "He just told me that I'm high on their list and they really want to get North Carolina guys – that's a priority."

McGirt also met individually with Larry Fedora.

"He was saying the same thing: North Carolina needs North Carolina guys," McGirt said. "He said they feel I'm the best offensive lineman for them and they would really like to see me come there. They could develop me and I could help the team."

McGirt's stay also included spending time in UNC's players' lounge playing video games and shooting pool.

McGirt had planned to visit South Carolina Saturday, but he now plans to attend the Nike Training Football Camp instead. He figures to reschedule the trip to Columbia for April. He also is trying to schedule a trip to Miami.

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