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Mason Veal received an up close look at life as a player under Chris Kapilovic, North Carolina's offensive line coach, on Monday. He attended a UNC practice and sat in on an offensive line meeting conducted by Kapilovic.

"He's more laid back in the meeting room and then he gets kind of intense and into it when he gets out on the field," Veal said. "You could tell he's not trying to belittle anyone or put anyone down – he's really trying to be a teacher. If you're not with it, he's going to get on you. But it was good because his intensity is what I'm used to in a coach."

Although he has made several visits to UNC in the past, Monday was Veal's first exposure to a Tar Heel practice. His uncle accompanied the 6-foot-5, 286-pound offensive tackle from Charlotte (N.C.) Ardrey Kell.

"I think they have amazing tempo," Veal said. "They didn't waste a second. Every minute of the practice they were just trying to get better."

Following practice, Veal had quick conversations with Larry Fedora, Gunter Brewer, and Kapilovic.

"They just want me to get up there, watch as many practices as I can, and get around the guys as much I can," Veal said.

Clemson, UNC, and South Carolina have been constants atop Veal's list of schools under consideration. However, two of them have begun to develop separation from the third.

"North Carolina is definitely up there for sure and South Carolina is up there with them," Veal said. "With the communication, I think North Carolina and South Carolina are the two I have the most communication with at the moment."

Veal says UNC and South Carolina remain in a dead heat.

"North Carolina is coming down Friday to practice at my school and then I'll be heading down to South Carolina's Junior Day on Saturday," Veal said. "So I think after this weekend I'll have a clear vision of what I'm feeling."

Since he's looking to enroll early, Veal plans to make his collegiate decision before the end of August. The actual verbal commitment could occur at any moment between now and then.

"Really, I want to make it as soon as I know where I want to be and I'm confident in that," Veal said. "Whether that's next week or August, it's just when it feels right."

Veal's high school will host UNC's scrimmage on Friday night.

"I think it's great," Veal said. "It's going to give me a chance for me to watch the coaches and players practice where I practice. It should be fun to watch with my friends and my teammates. I'm looking forward to it."

Beyond Saturday's visit to South Carolina, Veal is considering visiting Miami during his spring break but noDe concrete plans have been established.

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