Sweet: 'Perfect Fit For Me'

Shortly after giving his commitment to UNC head coach Larry Fedora on Saturday, Jacksonville (Fla.) First Coast offensive tackle William Sweet discussed his decision with InsideCarolina.com ...

How did it happen today?

"We got here around 9 o'clock this morning. Coach [Dan] Disch and [Gunter] Brewer came and greeted us. We went up to Coach [Larry] Fedora's office and just kind of talked a little bit. I wanted to thank him for even considering me for a scholarship. After I thanked him for giving me this opportunity, I said, ‘I'm William Sweet and I'm a Tar Heel.'"

What was Fedora's reaction?

"It was amazing. Coach Kap [Chris Kapilovic] and Coach Disch they were in the room with him, and they were all really excited. I was so happy I was able to share this moment with them."

You had several options and seemed to be picking up offers on a regular basis. What sold you on UNC?

"God has been really good to me. But with North Carolina, I can grow academically, athletically, and socially. This was a perfect fit for me. I want to major in human resources and North Carolina's business school is 19th in the country. And another thing was my comfort level. I just fell in love with the guys and the people here."

It was a team effort with Disch and Kapilovic. What effect did they have on your decision to commit?

"They had a huge impact on my decision.

"Coach Kap, he's a good offensive line coach. He's what I'm looking for. He's going to coach you really hard on the field. But at the same time off the field, you're going to get that father figure relationship. And that's what I was looking for, because that's what I get at my high school now.

"Coach Disch, he's the one who first put his eyes on me. I can relate to him a lot, because he's from the Jacksonville area. He knows what it's like down there. We had a connection."

Fellow Floridians Ronnie Harrison and Andre Smith have been committed to UNC for a while now. Did those guys factor in at all?

"No doubt. Andre, he's actually from the same city – Jacksonville. We kind of built a relationship. It's kind of cool to know that you're not in this thing alone. They both are cool guys."

How firm is this commitment? Will you visit anywhere else?

"I'm a man of my word. No matter what happens, I'm a man of my word. No more visits."

How often will you be able to visit UNC?

"I'm going to be up here a lot – for sure. I know I'm coming back for a lot of games just to get that atmosphere under my belt. I want to get the game day down. I've been here during class, so I've seen all that."

You had a pretty good idea that you were going to commit today?

"Yes sir. Actually, I had a dream a while back. I was asking God to show me a sign. And I had a dream. I was going to do it before, but I wanted to do it in person face-to-face."

Are you going to do any recruiting yourself?

"Yes sir, yes sir. I'm just trying to figure out which guys I need to target. Ben [Edwards] for sure."

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