Tucker: 'A No Brainer"

After the Spring Game concluded, Carl Tucker walked into Larry Fedora's office and committed to the Tar Heel head coach. The Charlotte (N.C.) Hough tight end target then talked to InsideCarolina.com about his decision ...

Take me through what happened today.

"We just watched the spring game and then went into the players' longue. And then we went into [Larry] Fedora's office. I had already planned on committing, but I didn't want to tell anybody – I wanted to surprise everybody. [Fedora] was just talking to me and my family and I just told him I wanted to commit."

So you were the only one that knew?

"Corey [Bell] knew and I let my parents know."

Did you succeed in surprising Fedora?

"Oh, yeah. [Gunter] Brewer was in there too and they both just yelled. They were excited and they were happy that I committed."

You were going back and forth between UNC and Tennessee, and then Wake Forest made a late charge. What pushed you to UNC?

"Tennessee is a great football school – I can never take that away from Tennessee. Wake Forest is a great education and it's small and I kind of liked small.

"But I just thought that Chapel Hill was in the middle – it was between Chapel Hill and Wake Forest. It's a great football school, great academics, and I've been a [UNC] basketball fan since the sixth grade so it was a no brainer for me."

What effect did Corey have on your decision?

"He didn't really have an effect on my decision. It was more he added on to the reason why I went there. Knowing that he committed there, I thought it would be really cool to play with him. But I was thinking from my standpoint without thinking about playing with him. But just him being there was a bonus."

What about Brewer's impact?

"He had a huge impact. Basically, he told me the truth. He showed me the position I'd be playing and today he showed me what I'd be doing. That's another reason why I liked Chapel Hill – he told me exactly what I'd be doing and he didn't beat around the bush. He went straight to the point."

What is UNC's play position wise?

"I would be at the hybrid position. I will be where [Eric] Ebron was. I think they call it the H-back."

What are your thoughts on H-back?

"I was watching the film today and I play just like he does. I like the routes he runs. I saw him and thought about my film and I think about the things I do just like him. I can't really see any difference in our game styles. I just thought it would be a perfect position for me. I definitely see what Coach Brewer is talking about."

You mentioned that you planned on committing heading into the visit. So when did you actually decide?

"Probably my last phone call with Brewer and Coach [Seth] Littrell a week or two ago. I already kind of had an idea, but that made the light bulb in my head go off that it was the school I should go to."

How firm is this commitment? Are you finished visiting other schools?

"I'm not sure yet. I know I'm going to take a break from it right now. I'm happy with my decision and I just want to cool off for right now. I don't really want to go anywhere else at the moment." Carl Tucker Profile

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