The Herald-Sun on Shavlik

Al Featherston of the Herald-Sun, writes a Shavlik Randolph update this morning. While there is no real breaking news, it's a good thorough overview of the schools he's considering and addresses many questions on the minds of each team's fans.

"I don't think that Shav's concerned about [Carolina's lack of a big man commitment this far]," Kenny Randolph said. "They'll get a good big man. People are panicking a little bit, but there are still some big men who haven't committed. UNC is one of the biggest names in college basketball, they'll get a good big man." (Five alive in Shavlik sweepstakes )

Randolph has scheduled his in-home and official visit with the Tar Heels, as reported yesterday in the subscriber section. To read more on Randolph, head to the Shavlik Randolph Profile.

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