New Leader for Mollette

North Carolina has hosted Juval Mollette for visits on countless occasions. None, though, have been as paramount as Saturday's visit. It was his mother's first trip to Chapel Hill.

"She told me she loved it," Mollette said. "She told me she liked it more than Clemson. She said that all [the coaches] had really good spirit. She liked how when she walked in everybody greeted her."

The only other school that Mollette's mother has visited is Clemson. Following that trip, Mollette, a 6-foot-4, 187-pound wide receiver from Randleman (N.C.), crowned the Tigers his leader.

"It's always been Carolina and Clemson," Mollette said. "But Carolina is ahead now. It really impressed my mom and it was just a really good visit. They showed me all around campus and they showed me a really good time."

Although Clemson and UNC are significantly ahead of the dozen other schools that have offered, Mollette is eying summer trips to Florida, Florida State, Michigan, Tennessee, and Virginia Tech. Essentially, Mollette has narrowed his focus to those seven programs.

Mollette expects to make a verbal commitment sometime this summer, but is unsure the exact timeframe.

"I'm going to go by feel," Mollette said. "I might even commit before I go and take all those [aforementioned] visits."

Since Mollette has seen just about everything that UNC has to offer, the UNC staff geared Saturday's visit towards his mother. Her primary concern is academics.

"They basically just showed my mom the study room, where I'd get tutored," Mollette said.

Mollette plans to major in Exercise and Sports Science in college. UNC offers that major, whereas Clemson does not.

Throughout their stay, Mollette and his mother were shadowed by wide receivers coach Gunter Brewer, Assistant Director of Player Personnel Ron Brewer, and Mollette's primary recruiter Chris Kapilovic. Seth Littrell, the Tar Heels' offensive coordinator, also dropped in from time to time.

"They were making me feel important," Mollette said. "They were telling me how important I was to them and their future."

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