Signee Update: Cameron Albright

North Carolina signee Cameron Albright fully expects to see playing time this coming football season.

"[Vic Koenning] keeps telling me there's definitely an open spot at safety," Albright said. "He told me that on the depth chart I'm under field safety. They haven't really mentioned red-shirting. They definitely want me to be on the field as soon as possible. So the main focus has been to come in and contribute immediately."

In addition to field safety, the UNC staff expects Albright, a Kennesaw (Ga.) North Cobb product, to contribute on special teams.

"Before Coach [Walt] Bell took the job at Arkansas State, he told me the starters start a lot of special teams too," Albright said. "They like to put their best athletes on the field. If I'm a starter or second string, I'll probably be on special teams, also."

Realizing that he's months away from practicing on UNC's Navy Field himself, Albright had a different perspective when he visited Chapel Hill for a practice during the spring.

"Before my commitment, it was about feeling the school and seeing what I like about it," Albright said. "Now that I'm signed and inked to play, I'm kind of sizing myself up against the competition. Sometimes you'll see someone make a play and I'll think ‘That's something I need to work on.'"

Albright has been focused on improving his game since North Cobb's 2013 season concluded. His workouts received a boost shortly after Signing Day when UNC's workout regimen arrived.

"It's definitely getting results," Albright said. "I've definitely seen an increase in strength and stamina, too, because the running program is a big step up from my high school."

The workout has also helped Albright compose a solid 6-foot-2, 205-pound physique – five pounds heavier than his senior season playing weight.

"I know that they don't want any DBs weighing any more than 215 [pounds]," Albright said. "I could easily bulk up to 215, but I like playing at 200-205 to be a little quicker and faster."

The amount of time working out has led Albright to his college major – Exercise and Sports Science.

"Since I'm an athlete, I like studying the body and learning what muscles do what," Albright said. "That's going to help me when I'm working out on my own what I need to specifically work on to become a better athlete."

Albright says he'll be donning No. 20 for UNC this fall.

"My high school number is 3 and since [Ryan] Switzer is the return man, that would be a conflict," Albright said. "[Koenning] gave me a couple options and I choose 20."

As best as Albright can recall, Koenning's options included 18, 19, 22, and a couple digits in the 40s.

"[No.] 20 just seemed like a cool number and then I remembered that that's Ed Reed's number," Albright said. "That just kind of made me even more excited to wear that number, because Ed Reed is a Hall-of-Fame safety and he makes plays all the time."

The NCAA Clearinghouse projects Albright as a qualifier.

"I just have to request my final transcript and have it sent to them," Albright said.

Albright's final day at North Cobb is May 16, while graduation is May 21. He'll then head to Chapel Hill for orientation on June 16 in preparation for the second summer semester.

Albright has requested Ayden Bonilla and Ty Tomlin as roommates since they live 20 minutes from his Kennesaw home.

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