Crawford Trims List, Schedules Visit

Three teams are left standing for Ashburn (Va.) Stone Bridge defensive tackle Aaron Crawford.

"At this time I've narrowed down my top three schools to North Carolina, Virginia and Boston College (in no order)," Crawford announced.

He held double-digit offers before making the cut, but Crawford said it was a cut he had to make.

"It was a weight lifted off my shoulders, now I can find out what I really want," he explained. "It is exciting to see where I came from, getting all ten offers and then to narrow it down to these three. I am now excited to move forward from it and picking where I will end up at."

When it came down to trimming his list, he knew the three key things he was looking for, and the key three things these schools possessed.

"The three main things that stood out to me were the people that were at all three schools. I got the chance to meet most of the staff for all three, and I really enjoyed talking to them and learning what they were about.

"Also the big time football atmosphere stuck out for me as well. The last thing, I want to study business in college, and my mom told me to show a list on a business Newsweek article…and they were in the top ten. They had UVa at number two, Boston College at number four and UNC at number ten. That really stood out to me greatly."

Crawford broke down each school:

North Carolina: "It was the second offer, two weeks after the season ended. My first interaction with their D-line coach, Keith Gilmore, was a very good first impression. I just really liked talking to him, and I can see myself being around him for the next couple of years. I got down to see the campus and see how crazy the fans were at the basketball game, and I couldn't imagine how crazy they were in the football games as well. Also the fact they've sent some of the most d-lineman to the NFL out of anybody in the country."

Virginia: "I got to talk to their D-line coach, coach Jasper (Oliver) and to coach (Mike) London. That first impression, that was great for me. I got down there and sat down with my family, and I talked to both of them. Just hearing what they are about and hearing the passion in both of their voices about what they thought they would be able to accomplish with me-it just really struck a spark in me. I also got to talk to the academic advisor, and she was a wonderful lady. Just the people that was there, all the people that I met just felt like a good fit at the time."

Boston College: "Got to visit the Boston College campus last summer during camp. They came back with an offer later.. I got a chance to be coached under the D-line coach in the stuff that he was teaching us, and it affected me dearly. I got to carry some of that stuff towards the season and use that mentality to get where I am right now. So it carried over. Also just walking around the campus, it was beautiful, and I really enjoyed my time there with my teammates."

The 6-foot-2, 300-pounder is planning on picking a school from these three, and he hopes to pick a school soon.

"I think for right now these are the three teams I will be concentrating my time on. I will hopefully decide soon; I don't know how soon. I know for a fact I want to visit all three again before I make a decision. I will head to UNC on the 17th and that will be the first of the three. And that will be the beginning of the narrowing down again."

Crawford says he is in the process of setting up visits to Virginia and Boston College.

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