Signee Update: Robert Dinkins

North Carolina signee Robert Dinkins has wrestled since he was six years old. However, the defensive lineman from Charlotte Olympic gave up the sport for the betterment of his college football career.

"My parents didn't want me to take any unnecessary risks, so I sat out wrestling season this year," Dinkins said. "So since that Monday after our last [football] game, I'm been in the weight room constantly. I met up with a couple of different trainers. I've been lifting every day constantly, doing my workouts, and trying to stay in shape so that when I get [to UNC] I can hit the ground running. I might not start, but I at least want to get in the rotation."

The UNC coaching staff, according to Dinkins, expects Dinkins to see the field this fall.

"Coach [Larry] Fedora and Coach [Gunter] Brewer are very straightforward – they say they definitely want me to come in and provide the help," Dinkins said. "They don't want me to red-shirt. But at the same time, if I come in and I'm not ready then of course I'll red-shirt. But they definitely don't have any intentions of red-shirting."

And Dinkins intends to be ready. He has been so dedicated to the weight room that he has already completed the workout packet that UNC's strength and conditioning staff sent him.

"Now, it's just more muscle endurance, a lot of functional workouts, working on my bending [and] being able to be flexible, my hand placement with my technique," Dinkins said. "I'm still lifting weights a lot, but I'm focused on things that will help me shoot my hands and more specific now."

UNC's workout was very similar to the workout that Dinkins followed while a member of Olympics football team. However, UNC's workout provided him with more structure.

"My strength has definitely gotten stronger," Dinkins said. "I remember when I used to max 315 [pounds]. Now, I'm rep'ing 315.

"I'm definitely putting on a lot of weight – a lot of muscle. I'm definitely seeing the changes."

After playing his senior football season at 225 pounds, Dinkins says he's up to a "solid" 260 pounds on his 6-foot-1 frame.

"It took me forever to get to 250 [pounds]," Dinkins said. "I've always wanted to be 250, but it took so much to put on weight. But now I'm 250 and I feel good – it's not a sloppy 250."

UNC assistant coaches Brewer and Keith Gilmore, both of whom have remained in frequent contact with Dinkins, have told Dinkins that he'll begin his UNC career at strong-side defensive end.

"They want me to provide a pass rush," Dinkins said. "They want me to be a contain player. So I'll just be playing on the other side of that Bandit position to hold [the offense] home."

During each of his varsity seasons at Olympic, Dinkins sported a different jersey number – No. 88 (sophomore), No. 43 (junior), and No. 15 (senior). He hoped to break that trend and continue to wear No. 15 into his UNC career, but Donnie Miles swapped it for No. 31 this off-season. Thus, Dinkins has been bestowed with No. 93.

"Tim Jackson has already given me his blessings," Dinkins said.

Dinkins says he's qualified according to the NCAA Clearinghouse's sliding scale, but took the SAT earlier this month as a precaution. He'll receive the test results towards the end of next week.

Dinkins will begin moving into his dorm – which he'll share with Josh Cabrera, Malik Carney, and Cayson Collins – on June 16. He plans to major in business management.

"I really wanted to do psychology at first, but I had a change of heart of what I wanted to do after spending time in the [National Football] League," Dinkins said. "I just felt business management would be the perfect field to go into."

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